Goal or no goal in gaming

I used to think I didn’t need goals in my gaming. Even more: that I didn’t want any goals, because I have enough pressure in real life as it is. I guess that notion came from the first game I took up (Animal Crossing Wild World): just go about your virtual life and do my virtual chores. No pressure, just laid back gaming. Some of my gaming friends made goals for themselves: to make beautiful hybrid flowers, to collect every picture from your villagers. I never did, though of course having the town is a goal in itself too: you do want the town to look as beautiful as possible.

As time went by though I’ve found that sometimes I need some goals too. But then again, not all kinds of goals.. am I making sense? Let me explain: one of the first games I played after Animal Crossing was Big Brain Academy. A game much like the better known Brain Training, but this one included a timed deadline too. While trying your hand at things like math and memory, the clock on the screen kept on ticking. And I found that I simply couldn’t put that aside: I got really stressed trying to better my scores, and I mean red in the face, hart racing and shaking hands. I quit that game pretty quick because of that, and I’ve found ever since that I don’t want to play any timed games.

But then again, some kind of goals are nice. Like having to fulfil requests from villagers in your Rune Factory town, making dishes that everyone wants to buy in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. Or beating the Elite 4 in Pokemon, and leveling up enough to beat a boss in Dragon Quest IX. So, lots of games with hardly any pressure, but goals nonetheless.

And that’s how I like my games nowadays: laid back gaming, with a goal or two along the way on my own time! No time pressure please!


  1. I totally agree. I prefer games that let me take my time and smell the roses – LOL. I don’t want to be pressured into completing something. I do like certain types of goals as you mentioned – completing requests, catching all fish / bugs, etc.

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