Good Luck Baby! The cover image for the Kickstarter game.

Good Luck Baby!: Kickstarter

We are always on the lookout for Kickstarter campaigns that catch our attention at LadiesGamers. I’m always looking for games with good LGBTQ+ content, so I was excited when Yvonne told me about the Kickstarter for a new Yuri visual novel called Good Luck Baby! What’s it about? Let’s take a look together. 

A Wild Highschool Adventure 

Good Luck Baby! Hifumi character card.

Hifumi Tanaka has been having bad luck for weeks on end. She wonders if her luck is finally starting to turn when she catches the attention of her crush, school troublemaker Kasumi Itou.  

As they’re getting to know each other (and letting those crushes develop into something more) a haloed baby shows up on Kasumi’s stoop! This sends the two on a world-changing adventure, where they must get this baby home. But can they do it while avoiding the villain, “Empress Metis”? 

The Kickstarter further describes it as “Set in 2002 Japan, Good Luck Baby! is a kinetic Yuri visual novel about true love, found family, and happiness blooming in unexpected circumstances. Full of lighthearted comedy, dramatic adventure and intriguing mysteries, Good Luck Baby! is a story sure to touch everyone’s hearts.” 

Sounds good to me! 


Good Luck Baby! Kasumi character card.

This Kickstarter has a detailed roster of characters. In addition to Hifumi, Kasumi, and the baby (“Oda”) the characters include Saki Inoue (Kasumi’s best friend who harbours a love for American hobbies), her older sister Touka (an eccentric detective), and Hoshino, who brings even MORE mystery into their already complicated lives! 

Usagi rounds out the cast, as a companion to Hoshino. These two seem the most intriguing, as it seems like they may not be from Earth at all. I wonder what their connection to the mysterious baby will be?  

Noodletub Games 

Good Luck Baby! Oda character card.

Noodletub Games is based in New Westminster, Canada and is made up of an all-women team of two. They commissioned an artist for this project. You can follow their updates on Twitter. 

Prior projects include the 18+ Yuri title Love Bakudan. Noodletub Games did let me know that Good Luck Baby! is intended to be worksafe, with a rating estimated to be no higher than a US T. Final rating is TBD, of course. 

How to find out more? 

Good Luck Baby! Saki character card.

Check out their Kickstarter

As of right now they’ve reached their primary goal (which was funded under 24 hours) and are now working on an assortment of stretch goals. The highest stretch goal is now $20,000 CAD. They had to add some stretch goals as all of them had already been reached. As of this moment of writing, they’re at $17,863 CAD with 12 days to go!

So, if this game intrigues you (as it does me) consider making a donation so that they can make the game the way they’ve envisioned it. I wish Noodletub Games all the luck and look forward to the result! 

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