Scotty close up

Goodbye my little friend, who will rule our house now?

You know you will be there when your little four footed friend leaves this world. That’s the way it should be, our pets are supposed to go before we do. But as all pet owners will recognise, it doesn’t make it easier to let them go.

A year ago I wrote about this little creature that managed to rule my entire family. A creature so small, weighing no more then 2 kg, that can make two adults and one almost-adult do exactly what she wants? And have the humans feel good about themselves too while they are doing her bidding? That’s exactly what Scotty did, ever since she came into our lives more then 14 years ago.

We had amazing fun moments together, gotten to know each others’ ways. We have gone for walks together, when she would behave as if she was a giant Danish Dog instead of a little Yorkie. Fearless! She was always ready to visit family, sitting in my lap in the car. And she could sleep during the days like she had done a hard days work. She ruled us being as tiny as she was. How she managed that?

Observing her, I began to see patterns. First of all, we live under the assumption that this house we live in is our house. Wrong. It is her house, and we live in it to make her happy. Scotty has a fixed routine in her day, which starts very early when she wants out.
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And now we had to let her go.

Thank you for the wonderful years, my little friend. Scotty


  1. Goodbye Scotty. I am sorry for your loss Yvonne. Things have changed so much in recent years. I remember how you and Mum would chat together about each others little dogs. I miss those days!

  2. Sorry for your loss 🙁 Losing a pet is always very difficult and it breaks your heart every time it happens. Scotty seemed like a wonderful little girl and I am sure she will always hold a special place in your heart. <3

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