What has it got in its pocketses…a Switch!

A Facebook group I’m a part of, the Handheld Gaming Network, had a discussion these past few days about the size of the Nintendo Switch when used as a handheld. Is it too big because it won’t fit into your pocket? Or is it the right size, because it shows off the games beautifully, and can be stowed in a bag?

I guess it all depends on how you are used to play your games, and how you go about your daily business. True, if you grew up with an Gameboy that you had in your pockets at all times, always ready to whip it out to do a bit of gaming, then yes, the Switch will feel too clunky. It’s too expensive to endanger the screen damaging, so yes, you do need a case to put it in. Can you imagine your car keys in your pocket scratching the beautiful unmarred screen? Heaven forbid!

If you are used to carrying a bag or a backpack, it might feel the right size because you can bring it along easily. After all, any smaller and playing Breath of the Wild comfortably would be a challenge. I guess us ladies have the benefit: most of us carry a purse or handbag anyway. You just have to make sure your bag is big enough to accommodate the device.

It reminded me of a little book I got years and years ago, when I turned 30 actually. It had a funny drawing on the cover of a woman camping out under her upturned purse (or handbag, I guess it depends on whether she was American or English). and it read: “What women over 30 need in their handbag to survive”. That’s what instantly popped in my mind when reading the discussion: the older women get, the bigger the handbag, so the Switch will have no trouble fitting. Along with a 3DS and the Vita, if necessary!

Another member of the group had the perfect solution though: just detach the joy cons, put them in one pocket and the screen in the other. Hey Presto!



  1. I understand and welcome the bigger screen size. But as far as portability, for me, the Switch is just not portable enough. It is not pocket size even for my cargo pants. The screen is also just too vulnerable, subject to damage and scratching. And a carrying case is almost a necessity even if your pockets are considered. Some may welcome the portability of a home console, but for me it only means I can find a solitary corner of the house to retreat into a game. I am not accustom to carrying a portable in a case. So my 2DS xl, DSi, or Vita will continue to be my portables of choice.

    1. I do understand, if I’d have to put the Switch in my pocket without any protection I def wouldn’t. It’s much to precious to me, as it is I handle it with extreme care. So I’m lucky that I tote around a bag anyway everywhere I go!

  2. My handhelds hardly ever leave my home anyway, so size and portability wouldn’t be a problem per se. I’m more worried about how comfortable it is to play the Switch on the long run, because big and heavy handhelds have a way of straining one’s wrists… But hey, nothing that a conveniently placed pillow can’t alleviate.
    Still, I’m hoping that Nintendo will release a tinier version of the Switch at some point — my wildest dream being a portable-only Switch.

    1. Well, you know it only is used handheld by me, not uncomfortable on the wrist fortunately. Though I do tend to rest my elbows on the arm rests, but I do that with the 3DS too. A smaller Switch would mean a smaller screen, and I’m pretty happy with this one!

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