Great Fall Path Ideas for AC New Horizons

With the update in Animal Crossing New Horizons, I’m right back into AC Mode: time to beautify my town a bit more. Not very spooky mind you, over here in the Netherlands Halloween isn’t really a thing. The update and the DLC for Happy Home Paradise add such a lot of great content again, it’s easy to get in the creative mode. Meanwhile, make sure to check our in-depth guide for the excellent DLC for HHP!

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

I’ve been busy with my paths, and as I’ve searched for many online, I thought it would be fun to share the creative ideas that people have worked on here too.

Not Straight but Meandering

Remember back when we were playing around in Animal Crossing Wild World? Most paths were straight and it was awesome to find a path that had curves left and right. And you could only get them by visiting with someone who was displaying them in their Ables.

In New Leaf getting an amazing path was easier by using the QR codes. But still, straight paths. But now, there’s a whole bunch of meandering paths out there. The one looking even more beautiful than the other! It seems many of the are based on a setup for paths that @Denim2_mori  makes, all of them are to be found by using #ThePathACNH on Twitter. A set of 9 patterns, that you can put together like a jigsaw in various ways. His creator ID is MA-6647-9230-4716

Some Paths Based on ThePathACNH

Lottie@tinyislanderloo has made a very cool Halloween path based on DenimMori’s path, complete with candy corn and all. Here’s her creator code, in the image.

Another one that looks very good for Autumn is the one below from @mikewazowskyzhplooking good in every season.


Below there’s one by @TrenaBarnes9, who made one with sweet fall leaves.

If you want to go all dark and creepy, the Halloween path below is a great one too. There’s enough the re-style your entire town!

Let’s Get Back to the Straight Roads

With only 50 slots to store your designs and no way to get more slots on another inhabitant (like we used to do in earlier games) you’d be amazed how quickly they fill up. So maybe it’s better to use the standard designs and spruce them up? That is where the transparent overlay backgrounds come in, and I love them!

In my own town I mostly use the standard paths and used a border of flowers on the grey one (downloaded it, but I didn’t jot down the code, sorry! ) The curves don’t quite turn out like they should, but it still looks good. More a Spring path though.

In the same principe I put a border of overlay autumn leaves on the terracotta standard tiles. This one does come with good curves included, the creator that made them is MA-4869-0775-2630

A plank path that I saw online that I find particularly nice, with the mushrooms and all, is below

Autumn Overlays

Other examples of nice lay-over designs are below. Use these to beautify your standard paths and save some pocket space!

Or use the ones below for a special look

And some more that will make your town look amazing. This overlay needs a wood path. So first, find the wood path and a variation on that, with leaves.

And here’s an overlay specific for wood paths. You could use your standard wood path too, of course.

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