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For almost two years now I’ve enjoyed my blog about video games, a blog that is growing into something more. Hence the title: “A Lady and Gaming Plus”. Not just about games anymore, under “Other Things” in the menu you will find lots of everyday things too. Every since starting on my blogging journey I have been meeting the most amazing people here on WordPress and on other blogging media.

When I was given the One Lovely Blog award last week I decided to take the chance to not talk about me, but to point you to some blogs I have enjoyed reading for some time now. There are many, many more of course, so if I’ve not mentioned yours that doesn’t mean I don’t love reading it, just had to make sure various topics were covered. Maybe I will make this into a recurring theme next year!

Here are the blogs I highly recommend:

  • First of all the blog of Leafydream, who gave me the One Lovely Blog award to begin with. Thanks so much, every award I get still feels good! She writes in depth about Anime, Manga and Otome novels, and in her spare time she dates dashing princes. At least, that’s what she writes on her blog!
  • When you’ve been reading my blogs for some time you’ll know the sort of games I write about, but of course a lot of gamers love console gaming on the other current gen systems. Rebekah Lang loves those and there’s always a gaming challenge going on playing games like Rise of the Tombraider, the Witcher and Borderlands. So if you like those, check out her blog at Rebekah Lang!
  • Carol from New Orleans is a single mom of two (nearly) grown up kids. And like me, she has the little aches and needs reading glasses, befitting our age. Still, she is very much in the center of life. She is a Life Coach, she provides and Outreach Program and she loves to write. So check out her blog Writefulmind!
  • Though I know hardly anything about anime or manga, The Otaku Judge and I always have loads to talk about when it comes to gaming. His articles are always in depth, and anyone who wishes to discuss anime or manga with him is very welcome too at The Otaku Judge.
  • Amanpan’s site BrewN Spew, Thought Provoking Chatter is not about gaming, but about having a cup of coffee together and contemplating life. She writes “As I sit back with a cup of coffee, pondering what to write about, memories are drifting through my attic. I refer to the space that houses my brain, my attic.” Memories in abundance, and always nice to read!
  • The site Very very gaming is run by Adrian and Maya, who love their video gaming on all kinds of handhelds and consoles. Not articles with short snippets of gaming news, they tend to take a topic by the horns and dive right in. Very entertaining writing!
  • Dan writes about random topics, things that happen in his life as the father of a seven year old princess. He is always entertaining while he gets to the core of things, making you think about your own experiences. Check out his blog at Holes in my Socks.

Seven entertaining blogs, written skillfully, have fun checking them out! Oh, and say hi for me, will you?image


  1. Wow, I love how you spinned a new version! This was so fun to read and awww thank you so much!! I checked out the other blogs too and wow, I can see why! They’re really cool. I’ve been getting more into console gaming too but it’s difficult since I usually go for the really long ones and never finish them on time lol

    1. Thanks! I’ll tell you a secret, I don’t actually finish a full game a lot of the time, but I do go back to games after weeks or months of not playing them. It’s my motto to just go with my gaming mood!

    1. There’s still hope. A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have looked at a game that had pure anime graphics, and look at me now, lol. And you’re very welcome!

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