Grumpiness interferes with inspiration

A couple of months ago I took part of writing101, a nice way to get in touch with your inner writer and meet a lot of friends at the same time in the blogging community. One of the questions we answered there was to tell readers why I love writing, and this is what I wrote back then:

I decided to put the thoughts that are constantly swirling in my mind about this topic into written words, and send them along the virtual highway….. I was able to combine the two (my job and my writing) in a way that gives me a lot of positive energy without pressure: I write about things I love, I game to get input for my writing and sharing has become very easy online. At the same time, there’s no need to publish to make money. about things I love, I game to get input for my writing and sharing has become very easy online.

I was reminded of this when I journeyed to work this week, trudging through the dark in the rain and the cold. This week was particularly energy-draining. I had several days of early morning meetings at a location that’s not easily reached using public transport. So on my alarm clock jolted me awake as early as 4.30 am to start my quest to be there at 8 am. Without going into the specifics, let’s just say that my irritation levels where high this week.Writing101, inspiration, grumpiness

It occurred to me then that negative stress doesn’t help my writing. Normally I just have to look around me at my fellow travelers, or read an article or a blog I follow, and ideas and angles will spring to mind. Now I was just little old grumpy, growling at people, feeling miserable and slightly sorry for myself. Nothing in my surroundings made me wonder or be slightly amused. No new topics came to mind. Inspiration had fled my somber mind.

Time to let irritation go, and try to wonder instead of being annoyed. Time to let the ideas swirl though my mind again, and tap into that positive energy again!


  1. I’ve started writing a lot lately, and I agree 100% that grumpiness/stress really impacts my motivation! That said, I’ve also learned a bunch of tactics to ignore my lack of mojo. One thing I will say is that writing can be. so. so. hard. And it’s important to admit that. I’ve never met a single person who loves writing all of the time.

    1. I’m very curious to hear your tactics on how to ignore your lack of mojo! Usually it does make me happy to write, but when you have to eek out every word, it’s a tough process!

      1. I’m not sure you really want to get me started! Weirdly enough I’m writing a post on writing at the moment… my tactics vary depending on how I’m procrastinating on that particular day – and I am a very adept procrastinator -_-
        Generally, I either set a wordcount, or I use Pomoderos ( I use incentives, lists, and goals. Or I wax lyrical to myself about the importance of writing to humanity. The most important thing, though, is so grit your teeth and say “writing is hard, you have to do this. or it will never happen”. I just make sure I sit down at my desk at a cafe and do *something* even if it’s not huge…

        1. Good tips, do you write for a living then ( I derive that from you sitting at a cafe to write)? I work almost full time, so writing is something I do when commuting or at night.

          1. That is a complicated question! I *was* writing for a living until about a month and a half ago – not fun writing, but research writing – but then I had a quarter life crisis. And decided I want to write creatively now that I have a gap of time looking for a normal 9-to-5 job. I’ve always wanted to be a writer though, though I’m shy to admit it.

            1. I think most of us bloggers have secretly dreamed about being a writer, but for various reasons most of us don’t act upon it. What a good idea to take this time to focus on what love doing. The 9-to-5 job will eventually take care of your bread and butter, but at least you get to do what you want in your free time.

  2. Working a full time job and writing on the side is a difficult plate to manage at times. It would seem that our passion is what fuels our drive to continue writing. Our passion for writing the chosen topic keeps us up at night, and keeps us continuously searching for new resources and new ideas. Our creativity propels our momentum to move faster and put out more content. I thrive in this area for it reveals what I truly want to contribute to the world. I feel that I am one of the best procrastinates in the world, yet there is always a reason to create.

    1. I couldn’t have said it any better, Sarah! It is indeed the positive energy that I get from writing about my favorite topic that keeps me going. Having readers who want to read what I research is great too of course, I doubt we could keep up the work otherwise!

  3. I find if I am grumpy (usually caused by being tired), reading blogs by others helps. Also, writing blogs helps, as I get my mind channeled in a different direction.

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