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When we love a game at LadiesGamers, we write a guide for it. So after previewing and then reviewing Grow: Song of the Evertree, I thought a few hints and tips for new players would help. You can find the preview for Grow here and the review for Grow: Song of the Evertree here. So let’s begin at the best place, the beginning of the game.

Grow: Song of the Evertree LadiesGamers
Customise your character


You can customise your character how you wish by changing their hair, eyes, and body size. You can choose male, female, or non-binary. And pick out the colour, style, and shape of your character hair, face as well as pick a name the game generates for you or a name of your choice. You can even pick the sound of your character’s voice. The clothes you pick for your character are not limited by gender either.

Grow: Song of the Evertree LadiesGamers
Talkative Book

Copperpot and Book

You’ll have help throughout the game from Copperpot and Book. Refer to Book for daily quests and to receive your reward for completing a task.
Cooperpot is used to extract Essences from resources and items. He is also used to conducting alchemy to make new seeds to plant on the Evertree, but we will get to that later in this guide.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Collect your tools


First of let’s take a look at your pocket and your tools. You can select the tools you want to use in two ways. Either by a dial wheel on the screen and using the Right stick to select your desired tool. However, if you go into the Options of the game, you can change the dial wheel to just having the tools on a toolbar at the top right of the screen. The toolbar is handy if you find choosing your tool from the dial wheel fiddly.

This way, you use the Left and Right shoulder buttons to flick through the tools and press A on the tool you want to equip without using the dial wheel. You can also re-arrange the sequence your tools appear on the toolbar by going into the Inventory and re-arranging the order of your tools as they appear in the toolbar.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Change to setting for toolbar

Book and Rewards

Check Book regularly as here you will find your list of quests to complete. You’ll also find a list of districts (towns) you have built or are in the process of building. Book also lets you know if you have earned any rewards for completing sections of the town or storyline.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Quests in the Book

Rewards come in all shapes and sizes, from wallpaper to items to decorate the outside of the town’s buildings. As well as rewards of accessories such as glasses, hairstyles and clothes. These items can be used for your character or as gifts for the inhabitants of the towns you will build.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Check the book for rewards


You receive rewards for looking after the Evertree branches and collecting resources from the Tree. You also get rewards for completing quests and building in the town districts. You can visit the Evertree branches as many times as you want during a single day and night cycle in the game, so be sure to check the branches often and pet any creatures you encounter. Make sure to harvest fruit, plants, rocks and wood when they finish growing. If you don’t want to cut down all your trees, you can shake them to get the fruit. Check out the caves on the Evertree as you can gather ore and items there too.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Pet and feed

Construct the Towns

The construction of the town is simple. First, you can bring up the building menu by pressing down on the D-pad while standing in the town. All blueprints for the building you have collected are found here. Then, if you have enough Myora, you can place the building down to be constructed by the Everkins.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Buildings list

I found that the space you can build is a little tight, so I had to place my building close together to fit them all in. You can move any building you have already placed by going into the Build Menu, highlighting the building on the ground with the cursor, and moving it to another space. You can also do this with any decorations you have placed in the town.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Place paths and decorations

Decorate the Buildings

To decorate the outside of any buildings you have built. Walk up to the building and press Y to interact with the building. Add wallpaper to the outside of a building to change its appearance and change the colour of the roof. Change the wall colour and add decorations such as a flower bed or a mailbox outside the house. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Customisation list, you will find a few menu slots called Token. By adding Token’s to the house, you can increase the number of NPC’s that can inhabit that house. As there is a limit in the number of buildings you can have in each town; this is a great way to increase the population without building more homes.

grow song of the evertree guide LadiesGamers
Add more inhabitants to each house


All the residents in the towns have different personalities. It’s up to you to keep them happy, and you do this by decorating the house, fulfilling quests for the residents, and talking to them. They also have their individual choices about what type of job they like, such as working in the bakery or flower shop.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Extract essence

Copper Pot and Alchemy

Talk to Copper Pot to perform Alchemy and grow new world seeds to plant in the branches of the Evertree. When you talk to Copperpot and pick Alchemy on the menu, you are shown the Extract screen. In the Extract menu, you can pick any item on the left side and remove its Essence.

The Essence you receive from each item is random. When I extract Essence from an item, I will only use an item if I have more than one of it in quantity. You don’t want to leave yourself short for customising the towns by using every last item in your inventory.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Beginner's Tips LadiesGamers
Essences storage, Alchemy

Once the Essence is removed from an item, it pops into the Essence Storage on the right-hand side of the menu. Then, by clicking the Right shoulder button, it will take you into the Create Seed menu. This is where you can play around with different Essence and receive a new seed to grow another branch of the Evertree.

Add five different types of Essences to the pot until the lines fill up to the top of the pot. By pressing Y you create a new world seed. By playing around with the seed creation with Copper pot you can create warm and dusty climates or cold and frosty climes. And the best way to ensure that you have enough alchemy materials to create seeds is by constantly harvesting items and bringing them back home with you.

Grow: Song of the evertree LadiesGamers
Go explore with the ever-faithful beast

Explore Everywhere

In Grow: Song of the Evertree it pays to go off the beaten track and explore, you will find chests scattered around the environment with goodies inside and caves to explore. Looking around you can find journals in the areas of your towns that provide details of the story. Hunt for bugs and fish as there are several different types of both.

Most of all have fun and take things at your own pace!


  1. So I think I made a mistake, when my second world on the branch bloomed it asked me if I wanted to release it. I did this as I thought that was what it wanted but wish I hadn’t as I hadn’t collected everything from it yet and would have been good to have it for harvesting. I now can’t seem to create a new world seed as any combination of 5 nowhere near fill up the pot. I am assuming I just need to keep harvesting and collecting more essence and the pot will get fuller? Love the game so much but still find certain bit confusing, so many elements, it’s hard to keep track of what I need and where to get it.

    1. Hi Bryony,
      I think you just need to keep harvesting everything until you have enough essence to fill up copper pot to make a new seed. Hope that helps, good luck.

        1. They won’t show up until you complete that world seed. I’m pretty sure you can walk up to the seed and release it. I’m on pc and I think I use tab key. If not then you may have to complete the world first

  2. is there a way to move buildings or residents from one district to another? My lady for the diner was moved into a house in meadow and wants a diner but I built the diner in plains…

    1. Hi Annabelle,
      Not as far as I know there isn’t a way to move buildings into a different district, you can only move them in the district they were built in.

  3. Any idea as to how to get the animals I’ve adopted out of storage and put them in the animal sanctuary or the critter corner? I cannot figure it out for the life of me.

  4. I’m stuck on trying to find Alfonso’s mustache. I can’t remember what he asked for, I thought it said a caterpillar but I’m not finding it anywhere

  5. I seem to be stuck. I need to build more houses, the critter center, but every time i try it wont let me. The items needed are lit-up.. I should be able to build, yes?

    1. There is a limit of 20 buildings in each district so if you already have 20 built, it won’t let you build any more in that district. Switch some of your small houses for large houses when you unlock the large house blueprint.

    1. I kicked everyone out of the small house and then deleted the small house. Then I build a larger house. The next day, I added the token for threes a crowd and put everyone back in to the bigger house. Hope this helps.

  6. Does anyone know what the clipboard/hiring sign means when it’s above a character? I hired another person to the inn but Kathleen still shows it on top.

  7. It means that person would like some job training. You gift them the skills related to their job (wellness, creative, etc). Hope this helps. You can buy skills in some of the shops and at the temple (I think)

  8. I’m probably a little older than most of the players and I love this game. I’m absolutely stuck trying to get the song fragment in the plains section so I can start to build my villages again. I’m not sure if it’s my brain, or my dexterity that is the problem. Can anyone assist with my problem please.

    1. Hi Janice, thanks for reading. If you are looking for the song fragment in the plains area from memory as it’s been a while since I played the game, I think the fragment is in a cave up a hill in the plains area. By the way, LadiesGamers is run by two older ladies, I’m one of them and I’m 59 and a granny to 7.

      1. I ‘m in the unfortunate position of being able to see one of those objects that can be placed on a plinth and a bridge will open to an unexplored section of the cave. I just can’t manage to get to the box…

  9. Does anyone know how to change your character’s appearance after the initial creation? I’ve read in several places you can, but I CANNOT figure out how to do it. There are no instructions anywhere. I can change the resident’s, but not mine. I am finding this game not at all intuitive like Yonder is. I LOVE Yonder and want to love Grow, but am finding it difficult.

  10. Giving you ladies !00% Really great site. I watched the video and that was great as well. I bought the game for me and my daughter-in-law and 3 granddaughters. Came out on our swift, the site is Fantastic, thank you so much,

  11. Sometimes a resident is asking for you to decorate their home and sometimes it is just the region. Check your goals to see which they asked you to do.

  12. I’m at the beginning of this game on my Switch. I have a quest that suggests interacting with my flying friend. I can’t figure out how to do this! I can only fly with him/her.

  13. I have been wanting to get this game. Gamestop no longer has it in stock. I have seen reviews that if you download it on the Switch then you end up with bugs in the game. I just saw that I can buy it on Steam. I can buy it on Amazon. I was wondering if anyone is playing it through Steam and what are their thoughts on it?

    1. Hey, sorry for the super late reply, but I play the game on Steam and enjoy it there. Steam has it’s own set of achievements so it’s fun unlocking achieves in game and also achieves through Steam. I play a lot of my games through Steam and have often been swayed by Steam’s UI and UX. 🙂

  14. My mission is to check out the mysterious tent.Unfortunately I cannot find a tent and the game won’t let my character sleep because of this mission.Help

  15. I have added TONS of items to turn into Essence but the pot never fills & clicking the right shoulder button on my controller doesn’t give me the menu to grow a new seed! What am I doing so wrong?? Feeling really stuck in this game!

  16. Hi LadiesGamers! I was wondering how quickly you get another “district”? Is a district a town? I am at my max for townspeople in my first town and visitors keep coming and asking for a home. Coppertop has asked me today (today being the in-game day) “oh look at all these visitors! I wonder where we can put them all?” But like…hasn’t given me any option to create a new town.

  17. For some reason I can’t get my essence storage to open when I click on the R button. I haven’t been able to open any new branches because of this. ‍♀️

  18. Hi ladies! I need one more flower pot to unlock the barbershop and I know the wiki says you can buy flower pots from the flower shop, but I don’t see where. I see the table with keys, coins, etc but no flower pots! I tried using a flower box for my sixth flower pot but that didn’t seem to work either. Do you create them somewhere? I started the game and then got distracted playing a different game and am relearning how to play. Playing on Switch if that matters.

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