Guide Summer In Mara Qälis Island Part 3

This third part of the guide continues on from our previous guides to Summer In Mara and Qälis Island. Find the full set of guides here!  

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You might pick up the quests in a slightly different order than I did when I was playing the game, and some quests you will receive before you can actually finish them. To do so, you either need better tools, ingredients or an upgraded boat. If you come across a quest you can’t do at that particular time move on to one you can do. Don’t forget to take care of your ever growing crops field, plant trees and feed and pet any animals you have on Koa’s home island,

Take your time and explore the seas of Mara and the world around you. Each time your out sailing on your boat, make sure to hit the barrels floating in the water as you will find resources in them. Like any game that relies on resources you should be gathering each and every item anytime you see them on your travel.

Quests Galore 

Talk to Aquila again and you are given another quest: to dive to the submerged Trench and bring back the trinket. After diving to get the trinket return to the mansion to receive a further quest: ask Saimi for the spiral bound book. Collect the book from Saimi and take it to the mansion once you hand the book over talk to Aquila again to receive a Statue, and a new quest to decorate your island with one of Aquila’s statue.

Onzo gives you a quest: bring back Mutant flowers from an island which needs more of the map to be revealed to reach the island. When you do get to the Viruae Atoll  it’s a dark strange place, the florescent pink Mutant flower can be found at the waterside, return it to Onzo.

Talking to the Akaji the blacksmith you receive a quest: collect 5 x metal and 5 x Raw cooper for Akaji’s secret project.

When you return to Akaji and hand over the goods, talk to Akaji again and you receive 120 coins for your trouble.

After that speak to her again and you get a quest for 10 x wood and 2 x metal. Return with the items or you may already have them, talk to Akaji again.

Quest: harvest the crops on Akaji parents island, the crops can be located on Iron Island.

Talking to Saimi you get a quest: talk to Caleb to upgrade the boat.
Caleb quest: talk to Blu at the Qälis Temple about the fuel from the fountains of Mara.

Upon speaking to Blu another quest: collect the materials needed to upgrade the boat and take them to Caleb.

You will need 1 x new tank, 2 x oars, 1000 coins.  For 700 coins you can buy the tank for Blu. Once you have got the items together return to Caleb. While waiting for Caleb to upgrade the boat, Noho wants to talk to Koa, you receive a new recipe for an upgraded fishing rod. And a quest to catch a sardine and bring it back to Noho, the sardines are near the island of Quruluqi Rock above Qälis.

Sailing Through Stormy Waters 

Noho quest: go to the lighthouse and talk to Saimi.

Upon talking to Saimi your asked to take Saimi’s radio to Akaji the blacksmith so she can expand the range of the antenna.

Akaji quest: go to the market and talk to Pilly in order to buy batteries and you’re given a strange box to throw into the open sea. Once you have sailed out and thrown the box into the sea, return to Pilly you receive 2 batteries, and a new recipe for an upgraded axe and a quest: take Akaji 2 x batteries and 2 x copper ingot.

Akaji’s new quest is to take the upgraded radio to Saimi in the lighthouse….off you go!

Saimi quest: travel south and search for Dunna’s island, which is highlighted on the map as Black Volcano Island. But before you go you need a Haku’s flower, which can be found on your home island at the little shrine.

Once you have gotten the flower sail to Black Volcano Island and you will find Dunna in the grey building on the island.

On the way back you met Taima and receive new recipe for Taima’s salad.

Quest: make Taima’s salad 2 x eggplant 1 x salad and 1 x turnip for Dunna once you make the salad go to Black Volcano island and speak to Dunna, keep talking to her until your given the quest: Tell Akaji you want to upgrade your hammer and you’ll get a new recipe for a Rare blacksmith Hammer.

New quest; craft a blacksmith hammer 2 x silver ingot 8 x wood and 5 metal and return to Dunna on Back volcano island to get quest: visit Awan to learn how to build an Ank stable.

Sailing Home Again

Speaking to Awan you get a new quest to build a mill on home island and bring Awan 10 x sacks of flour. You get the recipe for flour after you build the mill which requires 10 x wooden board, 10 x metal, 6 x nails to build, the nails can be bought from the Akaji, 5 at any one time. After that when you have the 10 bags, return to Awan to get a recipe for Butter, and a new structure to build a stable.

Quest: Build a stable 12 x boards, 4 x wheat, 2 x rope once built, and return to Awan you get a..

Quest: bring 5 x chocolate and 2 x milk to Awan. You get milk from sheep and sheep can be found on Black volcano Island and on Withered island you will find cocoa to use to plant some trees on your island with, once you have collected everything return to Awan and you will get a recipe for Hot cocoa.

Since you’re there, talk to Awan again go to Orientalis temple island highlighted on the map and catch three angel fish for Awan. Give the fish to Awan and get a quest: bring some 1 x tea, 1 x orange juice, 1 x mushroom soup.

Talk to Taka to be given quest:  get the materials needed to make a gazebo. 5 x metal, 5 x wood, 2 x fabric. Return to Taka to get a new structure a beach umbrella Taka’s new quest: take a serving of clams to Awan

Quest go to Dunna on Black volcano island and talk to her. You get a new recipe for a tent 1 x fabric, 1 x sleeping bag and 1 x rope, and a quest: speak with Onzo about learning how to make a sleeping bag.

When you’re next back on Qälis Island talk to Onzo to get a recipe for a sleeping bag 1 x Fabric, new quest: return to Dunna after making the tent and sleeping bag, and a new quest is given by Dunna, speak to Saimi to make Dunna listen to Koa.

When you speak to Saimi you’re told  to go to the temple half way to the Qwe Tree island and then sail to the Qwe Tree to catch a fish for Dunna.

If you look at your map there are an two new sections revealed on the right side of the map and the bottom section is highlighted… know what to do.

When you get to that section of the map you can also complete the quest you got earlier, Napopo quest: Dive into the sea of the Qwe tree to find the treasure which is a ring.

On the same section of map you can run into Ereti the fastest pirate in Mara.

If you go north on the map to the next new section of map you will discover a strange place, Abandoned Station.

Next quest: bring the ring of Elits to Aquila in the mansion. On handing the ring over you get this quest: ask Napopo about Aquila’s reaction to the ring, scoot up the hill to the temple and speak to Napopo which leads to this quest: get a canvas for Napopo.

I found the canvas on Gold Cay island (right side of map) when I talked to a crab on the island I got the canvas. Take the canvas back to Napopo to receive a quest: try to sell Napopo’s work to Aquila, get a recipe for a painting and a quest: Divide up Napopo paints  to, Awan, Taka, Saimi and Caleb, return to Napopo

For another quest: talk to Aquila again about Napopo painting.

Return to Dunna on Black volcano island, you’re given a new quest: take Dunna’s plans to Caleb so he can upgrade Koa’s boat.

Back to Qälis to talk to Caleb, then Noho to get the quest:  take an orange ice pop to Edegan the banker.  When you make and take the ice lolly to Edegan after chatting to Edegan and new quest pops up: take the materials to Caleb in order to upgrade Koa’s boat by using 1 x ultimate tank, 2 x oars, and a whopping 2200 coins.

Blu up at Qälis Temple has the ultimate tank to buy, 1000 coins needed.

Once the boat is upgraded you get a quest: return to Dunna so she can give you instructions about the Elits.  New quest: look into what’s causing the seismic alert at Dunna’s base.

After you upgrade your boat, you can discover even more of the map……but that’s for our next and final guide!



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