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Gym Empire – Gym Tycoon Sim Management Early Access Preview

 Preview code used with many thanks to Chronik Spartan.

There have been many types of tycoon simulation games, Cities: Skylines, Planet Coaster and Zoo Tycoon, to name a few. Gym Empire- Gym Tycoon Sim Management, as the name suggests, is a simulation game focusing on a new start gym into a global enterprise. The Gym Empire, Early Access preview, focuses on a build of the game that has around 40% of the content for the title.

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Gym Empire

In a short and cute visual narrative. You leave your boring 9 to 5 job and start your gym business, starting with a cheap storage building to get your start-up gym popular and earning money, memberships, events, and sponsors.

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Gym Editor

Gym Empire Startup

You have the option of whether you want the tutorials just to run you through controls and the user interface of this title. Controls can be easily navigated within the settings if needed later. The tutorial section with guidance is very quick, but other features are unlocked as you increase the level of the gym, which will prompt further tutorials.

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Gym Satisfaction

Training focuses on three building blocks, cardio, muscle or weight, which are identifiable as a heart, weight or mat icon, respectively. Initially, you’ll want to train clients in all fields. Upon selecting a client, the interface shows if the non-playable character is a member of the gym, their individual training stats, their primary and secondary focus on training and lastly, their gym happiness. You can earn more happiness when matching their primary and secondary training types to their fitness session. As you gain clients that are less proficient with training and the equipment, it is possible that they will hurt themselves. To avoid this, the player can manually train them or with the guidance of a staff member’s non-playable character.

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Staff Hires


As the client’s happiness rises, you’ll unlock ‘gym points’. Which will be necessary to unlock new gym equipment and new aesthetics for your gym. Each piece of gym equipment will match a particular type of training, cardio, muscle, or weight. Whilst you can also expand your gym’s size, it is a costly endeavour. Furthermore, it is important to also balance the memberships and additional income against any expenses you may have with staff members, client damages or equipment purchases.

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Gym Points System

In my playtime, I had a minor issue upon trying to exit the game. Additionally, I had some problems with selecting equipment, so I had to zoom the camera close to ensure I could edit the position. Overall, the gameplay cycle is similar to other simulation games of micromanagement.

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Account Management

The post-tutorial grind for popularity to gain some of the extra features could be introduced sooner. The main menu music is pretty catchy. The Gym radio does come with some pretty funny and bizarre stories. Check out Gym Empire- Gym Tycoon Sim Management Early Access on its Steam page located here and you can add a title to your wish list.

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