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Haiku The Robot Demo Impressions

Haiku The Robot is an upcoming exploration-adventure game on Steam where you play as a small robot tasked with saving the world. The game has been funded through Kickstarter with 1,163 backers pledging £29,853 to help bring the game to life.

Developer Jordan Morris of Mister Morris Games is the sole developer behind Haiku the Robot, with Guy Jones, and his company Zeebo, composing all the music and producing all the sound for the game. Let’s have a look at it.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
Big Boom

Haiku The Robot

Haiku The Robot is set in a post-apocalyptic world. A world where a terrible event has occurred as a nuclear explosion has eliminated all life on earth. The sole survivors of this catastrophe are machines like Haiku. Haiku is a cute little robot. He can hop, roll, dash, and fight its way past deadly foes who’ve been corrupted by a computer virus.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
Find secrets


In the demo, you get to see a couple of levels and fight two bosses. It’s enough to whet your appetite for the full game. Haiku The Robot is a typical Metroidvania game with an interconnected map you can explore, where access to parts of the world is often limited by doors or other obstacles that can only be passed through once you have acquired special items, tools, weapons, or abilities.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
Find keys

Machine-related Enemies

In Haiku The Robot’s world everything you meet is machine-related. Be it the metal screws that are enemies to the bosses, one of which is a large pulverising hammer that drops from the ceiling. There are lots of secret places to discover, and new abilities to find for Haiku, though the full Haiku The Robot game will have more abilities than the demo does.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
NPC’s to meet

Meet Quirky NPC’s

On Haiku’s travels, he will meet lots of quirky NPC’s. Some may even give assistance such as Sonnet the shopkeeper who sells some useful items. If you buy a bird whistle you can call a mechanical bird in the level to Haiku to save all the spare parts he has collected from battling enemies. Handy to have as when Haiku dies you start at the last save point and also loose some of the spare parts you had collected.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
Cute robot

Controls and Art

Even in the demo the controls, which have full controller support, feel tight and responsive.

The world of Haiku is inspired by retro pixel art. The demo had a few different muted colours in it. But that’s what you’re meant to see as you will only see a few colours on screen at a time.

The levels I played through, even though there are only a few colours used, looked good. During my research for this article, I discovered that Haiku the Robot entire games palette is made up of only 16 colours, each one has been especially picked to offer a large range of colour combinations. It seems to work well.

Haiku The Robot LadiesGamers
Limerick the detective

Relevant Links.

Haiku The Robot is definitely one to keep an eye on in future. As yet there isn’t a confirmed release date for the game other than “Coming Soon”.

You can download the demo for free on Steam’s Next Fest for Haiku The Robot. The Next Fest runs from the 1st October to the 7th October. You can also check out the game’s website here. 

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