Handheld gaming news week 39

Come on in, sit down and join me for a nice cup of coffee while we chat about handheld gaming news! September is over, time to get ready for October. We had fairly warm weather all through September, but today it’s just like the weather gods have flipped a switch. Rain, lots of wind and leaves blowing. Fine by me though, time to stay in a play some games!

As I wrote this week this means a month packed full of great game releases for handheld devices. (Find the list for my anticipated games here). Besides the ones that are on my radar, I know some other great games will be released that aren’t on my shopping list. Like Mario Party: Star Rush that will be released in Europe on October 7 ( and November 4 in America.)

gurumin-themeAnother one that is not on the list I published is Gurumin 3D and this is a game that I had been on the lookout for. This eShop title exclusive confirmed just yesterday that they will release the game on October 13 in America. This game will cost $ 14,99. If you download it by the end of October, you will get a free home theme too.

Dragon Quest Builders demo

DQ, Dragon Quest, Builders, Minecraft, ladiesgamersA game that is on my October list is Dragon Quest Builders on the Vita (and the PS4). If you are looking to buy this one too, there is a demo in the PSN Store. The demo covers the first chapter of the game. You are awakened by the goddess Rubiss, the deity that created Alefgard. Apparently you are called Bildrick and must initially rebuild Cantlin. A good way to get a feel for the buttons. And I do need that, for some reason I kept using the wrong ones. Trying to battle some foes I kept cutting blocks. Not very effective. But, aside from that, a good demo. Be sure to check it out!

Visual novel Root letter

A visual novel game that has caught my interest is √Letter, or Root Letter that will be brought to America and Europe on the Vita and PS4. Here are some details from the press release:

Set in Shimane prefecture – a place rich in history, culture and natural beauty – √Letter revolves around the mystery of Fumino Aya, your old high school pen friend who went missing 15 years ago.
On receiving her final letter 15 years late, in which she confesses to a murder, it’s up to you, the player, to unravel the mystery of what happened to her.
Reminiscing through previous letters from Fumino Aya, you must piece together the truth, alongside the testimonies from seven witnesses who knew her. Did she really murder someone, was she telling the truth in her letters – was she even real?

Now doesn’t that sound intriguing? I think so, they will even make a Pen Pal edition as a special one.  It will arrive in a box that looks like Aya Fumino’s handbag. In it, there’s a copy of the game, a localized version of Japan’s premium art book, the official soundtrack, a replica of Aya’s letter, and a Minoboshi Taro Giclée Print on Hahanemuhle paper. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Dutch town takes Niantic to court

kijkduin-pokemonMy country, the Netherlands, was in gaming news this week! Just south of the Hague you will find what is dubbed The Pokémon capitol of the country. Kijkduin has the dubious pleasure that lots of special Pokémon appear there every day. So hordes of fans swamp the area and tramp all over the protected beaches. The city counsel has made complaints to Niantic Labs, but they haven’t reacted to any of them. The Hague is now taking Niantic to court!

Check out mythical Keldeo

keldeoBecause of Pokémon’s twentieth anniversary celebrations, there are different legendaries available for download every mont. I don’t always mention them, but because of the Pokémon featured in October, I make an exception. You can now download mythical Keldeo on their 3DS! Doesn’t he look absolutely amazing! A strong water and fighting Pokémon, I liked having him on my team!

So, that’s it for this week. What are you currently playing? I’m still focussing on New Leaf together with my daughter, and I’ve started on Yo-Kai Watch 2. Anyway, enjoy your gaming weekend!


  1. I really want to check out that Dragon Quest Builders demo. I’ve been chugging (mostly grinding) through Dragon Quest VII for 3DS myself. Now that I got Yo-kai Watch 2 (Fleshy, of course, for Sailornyan), I’ll need to decide which I want to play. I can probably get through Yo-kai Watch faster, and I want to see what new creatures I get!

    1. It’s all about choices, right? I am not done yet with my New Leaf mood, Jack just roped me in to be his assistant for Halloween. Meanwhile I’m playing Yo-Kai too. Not enough time!!

    1. Which Yokai did you get, Carrie? I got the Fleshy Souls, because Sailornyan appealed to me and I got the chance to befriend it with my digital download.

  2. I’m glad that a demo of Dragon Quest Builders was made available. I’m on the fence regarding that game and this demo, which I just downloaded, will show me if a purchase is worthwhile. Thank you for letting us know! ^_^

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