Handheld gaming news with Coffee, week 37

Hello there my friend, here we are again. Time to share some handheld gaming news, this time about the Animal Crossing update removing weeds, setting a buddy to walk with you in Pokémon Go, stickers for iMessage and the upcoming Gurumin 3D!

It’s been so unseasonably hot over here in the Netherlands ever since we got back from our vacation in the US. Of course, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois and especially Florida where very hot too (if you want to read the stories, you can find them here). I had expected to come back here to normal temperatures. To be honest, I was almost glad to be able to go to work and sit in a nicely air-conditioned office. Because at home most Dutch people don’t have air conditioning. It’s usually not needed, as the Netherlands isn’t a country of extreme temperatures. It seems however that the trend is broken today, it’s been blessedly cool!

Stickers in iMessage

So, another week over, time to sit down, enjoy our coffee (or tea) and share some gaming news. First of all, if you have an Apple device that can handle it, iOS 10 is available for download. With it, you get the chance to download stickers to use in iMessage. Very nice, I like the little images that jazz up the day. Do you know where to find them though? In your iMessage bar, where you type, you’ll find the little camera at the left as always. The option to add drawings you make yourself is new though, as is the AppStore button that’s positioned there too. If you click it, and then click on the four little blocks on the left hand side, you’ll see a + to go to the store.

In the store, you’ll find a great collection of stickers, some for free, some at a small fee. Included, of course, are the Mario stickers. Have fun finding the right ones for you!

Weed removal Animal Crossing

Good news if you have left your Animal Crossing New Leaf town a couple of years ago. Do you still dare to go back? Or are you afraid of Isabel’s wrath and the invasion of weeds that you will find? Apparently, the update that is upcoming takes care of the weeds. All weeds will be removed from your town when you update. A nice gesture, although I find it mildly relaxing to weed in Animal Crossing. Not in real life, mind you. And you will still have to face the wrath of Isabel!img_3067

Gurumin 3D free home theme

It wont be long now that Gurumin 3D will find it’s way to the American Nintendo eShop as a download title only for $14,99. There are five home themes of the game as well, and at launch you will get one theme for free. I’m curious about this game that was such a successful PC game, it looks so sweet!img_3076

Pokémon Go update: your buddy

This week Pokémon Go had another update with some tweaking and bug fixing. There was a nice new feature though: you can choose one of your Pokémon to walk alongside of you as your buddy. And while you walk, the Pokémon gathers candy too. You can find the add button when you click on your trainer. Choosing the three vertical stripes you’ll see the Buddy button.

Niantic included a nice Easter Egg here: while Pikachu seems to act like any other Pokemon when set as your buddy, after walking 10km with him something will change. Just like Ash’s Pikachu, yours will now ride around on your shoulder as you walk. I couldn’t resist to give it a try!


Good gaming times ahead, with the release of Dragon Quest VII, Fragments of the Forgotten Past for the 3DS today in America and Europe. If you went for it, let me know your thoughts!

Have a great gaming week!



  1. I love the buddy update for Pokemon GO! I’m currently running around with a Pikachu to get him on my shoulder! Also, the weed removal update is a well-thought out idea on Nintendo’s part. I’m usually scared to go back into Animal Crossing after a while because of weeds and animals moving out. Now, the weeds will be gone when I re-enter so I don’t have to be scared. Very smart thinking. Now, we just need a way to keep the animals we want!

    1. And we have to pacify Isabel! Well, I’ve been a good girl and have faced her wrath already, going back every day. I’m pretty sure I’m almost forgiven!

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