Handheld Gaming News re-installed

In January I wrote that change would be good for ladiesgamers.com. That the news blogs that I published weekly had to go, because they just took up too much time.

My words were:

You might have noticed an important staple of LadiesGamers.com missing: for more then two years I made a weekly news update for handheld gaming news. Hardly missing a week, I tried to bring news that stood out to me. Not necessarily being complete, just little things that I thought would be interesting.

I loved writing those blogs, but if truth be told, they take a lot of time to write. Easily eating up 3 to 4 hours to make one article. Lately I was wondering if I should continue writing them or not.

And that my friends, is the benefit of having your own blog: you can just change your mind again!

You see, I find I miss the Handheld Gaming News section. I miss keeping an eye out all week for fun gaming news. And every time I see something about a favourite game, I think: I have to tell my readers. Only to realise that I don’t write the news blogs anymore.

So, they are back! Handheld Gaming News is re-installed, maybe not always on the same date and right on time, but I’ll start gathering info again. And of course, I hope you’ll once again enjoy reading them! Here we go!

Planned connection Pocket Camp to New Leaf fell through

I read an interesting article on how there should have been a connection between the mobile Animal Crossing that we now know as Pocket Camp, and New Leaf. Remember how the mobile game should have reached us much earlier, about a year earlier? And remember how we got a free update late 2016 for New Leaf called Welcome Amiibo?

The datamine has come to light that revealed that an item resembling a smartphone in New Leaf would act as a bridge between the New Leaf and Pocket Camp. Exactly how is sadly unknown due to the item being scrapped entirely, because Pocket Camp was delayed. The datamine also indicated that there was a connection between both games in regard to the CAT Machine and MEOW coupons.

Youtuber BRMenny talked about it, and shared his insight on My Potato Games. (Check out the full article here )

Happy Birthdays on Switch terraforming capabilities

A couple of weeks ago the PS4 game Birthdays, the Beginnings was confirmed for release on the Switch. By now we know it’s going to be an upgraded version with a new name: Happy Birthdays. Recently a new trailer was released, showing us how terraforming works in the game. Now I like most games that include changing the landscape, so I’m looking forward to this one. Plus, the Switch could do with some simulation games in my opinion.

And it doesn’t get more sim then this one: The main gameplay of Happy Birthdays comes from the ability to change the land by increasing and decreasing how close it is to sea level, which also changes the climate and temperature. By making a world and passing time, creatures begin to exist on the land.

Persona 5 related app announced

Persona O.A. is the series’ official “support app” that will provide fans with the latest news and even let you enjoy conversation events with characters through an exploration game in the app. The app offers many ways to acquire “Persona Points” which can then be used to summon Persona in the exploration game, download web contents, or sign up for presents and events.

I can’t play Persona 5 itself as it’s only on PS4, but I loved the Persona world in Persona 4 Golden, and if this app comes to the West too, I will give it a try! For now, you can follow the progress of the app that should see the light of day in Spring on Twitter, or through their official website where you can register through mail, or use the QR code to add it to your LINE account.

The Liar Princess And Blind Prince Teaser Trailer

If you don’t own a Switch but you do have a Vita (or a PS4), then there are still cool games coming your way. Like the Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. The game is in a picture book-style, where it’s your goal to guide the blind prince as the liar princess. Nippon Ichi Software shared a new teaser trailer and tells us a bit more about the game.

The “Liar Princess” is actually a monster that has the ability to shapeshift and is often depicted as a wolf. It has a beautiful singing voice and likes to sing towards the moon at night; however, one day a prince was attracted to the singing voice and after approaching the monster he suffers an injury due to an accidental swipe from the monster.

Feeling remorseful about the injury it caused, the monster decides to trade its singing voice for the ability to transform into a black-haired princess, and then decides to help guide the Blind Prince deep inside a forest in order to find the Witch with the ability to make wishes come true in exchange for some kind of compensation.

They have given us a release date of May 31 for Japan, but not yet for the West.

New outfits and extra stardust in Pokémon Go

Tired of your trainer costume in Pokémon Go? You can now get a new look by purchasing the outfits of Team Rainbow Rocket as we know them from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Plus, today it’s Chinese New Year, and that means that trainers have a chance to earn extra Stardust from February 15 till February 17. You can get extra Stardust by catching Growlithe, Eevee, Snubbull, Phoochyena or Electrike.

Trailer Layton’s anime series

By now, we know Katrielle Layton and her Layton’s Mystery Detective Agency from the latest mobile and 3DS game. Soon, we can also see her in the anime series on the telly. The anime follows the plot in the game. After Hershel Layton goes missing without an explanation, Katrielle, along with her talking dog partner Sherl and assistant Ernest Greeves of the Layton Detective Agency set out to find her father and solve the mystery behind his sudden disappearance.

Check out the trailer of the series that premieres in Japan on April 8.


Well well, that felt good writing it! I hope you enjoyed reading it too. And of course, “YvoCaro plays”  which I introduced when I stopped writing these gaming news snippets, will stay. So look forward to another one of my handheld gaming adventures!


  1. I’m happy to see you took it up again and you’re happier doing the news again, it’s always great how we can change our minds and control our blogs. Thanks for all the hard work

  2. Awesome! I’m glad you regained your drive to write the weekly gaming news. Sometimes it takes a bit of deprivation to realize how much we love and miss something. ^__^

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