Handheld Gaming News week 10

Another week flew by, time again for our weekly chat about all handheld gaming. Because it’s handheld in a way too, I’ll include Switch games from now on. A friend of mine has been playing the new Zelda on WiiU, and she related some gameplay that sounds interesting. It’s not that I don’t like Zelda, but I have difficulty playing them to their conclusion because I’m no good at the boss fights. But the gathering and cooking in Zelda, Breath of the Wild, does sound very nice!

Well, are you ready again to take a cup of coffee (or tea) and join me in the world of gaming news?

Mewtwonite megastone distribution

Pokémon Sun and Moon, the latest game in the ever successful Pokémon series, uses megastones to draw out the best in your Pokémon friends. If you would like to see Mewtwo’s Mega Evolution. A special distribution of the Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y,will let your Mewtwo Mega Evolve into its two different forms. To get the two Mewtwonites in your game, just enter the code M2DESCENT into your game on the Mystery Gift menu.mewto, ladiesgamers

Switch Pro Controller hidden message

In an article on Gameinformer I found this little snippet of news. If you own a Switch you might miss the old type controller. If you are willing to shell out $ 70 for it, you can buy the Switch Pro Controller. It seems there’s a hidden message on the controller: if you push down the right analog stick, you can see this message appear: “THX2 ALLGAMEFANS.” A costly thingy, but a nice Easter egg!

Mario Kart 8 DeLuxe is getting close

Nintendo confirmed Mario Kart 8 DeLuxe will be released April 28 for the Switch. Now I’m awful at driving in video games, at one time I was happily doing my lapses in Mario Kart wondering why I was overtaking other drivers so easily. Until I noticed they were driving the other way. Anyway, a spruced up version of MK 8 will be released on the Switch, adding lots of gameplay.

Their press release promises four different methods available to play with friends.

  • Up to four friends can play on a single Nintendo Switch console in TV mode, or in tabletop mode by using the stand at the back of the console and placing it on a flat surface
  • Online multiplayer makes a return, allowing for up to two local racers to get involved in 12-player races with others around the world
  • Through Wireless Play, multiple Nintendo Switch consoles can be connected to each other, allowing up to eight people to play together in the same room
  • Up to 12 consoles in TV mode can be connected via LAN Play (for which you need a USB to Lan adaptor), with one or two players per connected Nintendo Switch (you’ll need at least two Switch systems for this).

Sounds like fun, right?

Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception has a release date for the Vita

A game that caught my attention before now has a release date for the Vita. Utawarerumono will arrives on May 23. Looking at the trailer I’m not entirely sure if this is a game for me though, but the art book that the American release version includes does look very good! What are your thoughts on this game?

SINoALICE art work

Some weeks ago I mentioned the mobile game that will be released in Japan this Spring. Looks very intriguing, even if it’s difficult to get a feel for what that game will be like. But looking at the beautiful artwork, I do have high hopes. Looks great, right, this art work for Alice, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

Life Odyssey if you like Pokémon Go

A new and upcoming game that looks interesting is Life Odyssey. I know, the way you see creatures appear in everyday life looks a lot like in Pokémon Go. Yet, the battle systems looks appealing, so I’ll keep this augmented reality game on my radar. The game is being made for iOS by Corgi Punk. And behind Corgi Punk there’s Chris Hui, a one man independent game studio in San Francisco.

This is what the website shares:

You play as a lone adventurer waking to an unfamiliar world with a talking dragon companion. It’s up to you to uncover the source of the magic portals that brought you two together and find a way home. Gameplay involves going to geographical points of interest to acquire portal gems, walking to release portals, monster hunting in augmented reality with your iPhone’s camera, progressing through story quests, and powering up with new gear and skills. LIFE ODYSSEY is currently in alpha, with a beta release planned for May 2017.

Well, that’s it for this week. I will go back to managing my farm in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns again this weekend. And maybe get Atelier Firis started, as you might remember it was released this past week for the Vita (and the PS4). What will you be playing?

Happy gaming weekend!


  1. I’d love to hear about what you think of Atelier Firis, especially since I’m now more familiar with the series after playing Atelier Sophie. Also, I just love that message in the Pro Controller. It’s such a neat easter egg. I’m actually interested in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even though I’ve already played a lot of it on Wii U. That Battle Mode is just that alluring!

      1. I’ve started the game too, but haven’t left the caverns yet. And in there the game is a bit gloomy. Can’t wait to get out and about though!

  2. I’ll be playing Zelda and Dragon Ball Fusions here and there. That AR game actually looks interesting, actually having a battle system? I might actually play it if it comes to android.

    1. Is Zelda everything you expected and more?
      I noticed that too about Life Odyssey, that might be nice. I miss normal battle in Pokémon Go, the gyms seem to be the play place for teens!

  3. How is your Trio of Towns going? Is it everything you wanted it to be? It has definitely impressed me and I can’t get enough of it! I so want the Atelier Firis game, but it’s going to have to wait a while! Cannot wait to see what you have to say about it! 🙂

    1. I have both games loaded and ready to go, but till now, I tend to choose for Trio of Towns. It’s another good game in the series and looks very good graphically!

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