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Handheld Gaming News week 13

Can you believe it’s already the last day of March? Crazy how time flies! In no time now we will be able to sit outside in the garden to chat gaming over a cup of coffee. For now though, it’s been raining all day, so no sitting in the garden.

Come on in, sit down and I’ll get you a cup. Let’s see what Handheld Gaming News there is this week!

Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble for mobile in Europe

Last week I mentioned the European release of Yo-Kai Watch 2 next week in Europe (April 7). Now the mobile Yo-Kai Watch game, that has been available for mobile in America for the longest time, has arrived in Europe and Russia too. It’s available in iOS and Android.

The game has you connect little images of Yo-Kai to form a bigger blob of Yo-Kai to deal damage to your enemy. And after battle, the enemy Yo-Kai might even befriend you. So this is a match up game, as well as a collecting game. As expected from Level-5 it’s a smooth game to play. Free too! 

Pikmin 2 in Virtual Console on WiiU

One of the few games I enjoyed a lot on the WiiU was Pikmin 3. I wrote about it before, about having a weak spot for the little coloured Pikmin that get gobbled up by big ladybugs if they don’t make it to the mothership at night. Read that article here, but, anyway.

The WiiU is on its last legs for sure, but the news that Pikmin 2 is available on Virtual Console in America is pretty nice. The game was originally released on GameCube, and was ported before to the Wii. If you haven’t played it yet here’s your chance. It’ll set you back $19.95.

Pranks concerning gaming on April Fools Day.

I haven’t been pranked, at least not that I know of. The gaming companies managed some nice pranks, like the announcement of a new Fire Emblem game for 3DS and Switch (Battle of Revolution) with 8-bit graphics. Google maps sports a PacMan game in your very own streets in town. Brings back memories!

A game that I don’t play but that had a perfect figurine announced today is The Witcher: Geralt of Rivia taking a bath. I know about this game because of a blog a fellow gamer made about it that stuck in my mind as being hilarious, you can find the article here. Where you part of any joke that was played?

Root Letter might be coming to Steam

If you don’t own a PS4 or a Vita you might still be able to play Root Letter, the game that was my Game of the Month January 2017. It’s already available in Japan for the PC, but news is that it might be available on Steam over here in the West. I will keep you updated!

Akiba’s Beat for the PS Vita

I had heard before about Akiba’s Trip, a game that wasn’t for me. Firstly because of the type of game (brawler) that wasn’t me, secondly because of the fact that it was strange, to put it mildly. Still, this new game, Akiba’s Beat, does sound like a game I’d enjoy. It will be released on May 16 in America, and May 19 in Europe.

This time it’s an RPG, where you fight your way through a time loop and attempt to destroy the delusions of Akihabara’s citizens that are coming to life. As you battle, you can attack in time with the music to deal more damage. That last part might be a challenge for me, not good at rhythm games. But the fact that the game will be fully voiced is intriguing.

This is what Playstations Blog has to say about the game:

Akiba’s Beat is a (mostly) non-risque action RPG that tasks players with traversing surreal “Delusionscape” dungeons and fighting monsters in action-packed battle scenes. It has a much longer and more complex narrative, a bigger cast of all-new characters, a more involved and nuanced battle system, a more narrowly focused satirical tone (still satirical, but less in-your-face about it), and – most notably – no stripping. None! This one was rated T by the ESRB, and is decidedly much tamer than its Akiba forebear.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 announced for 3DS

I must admit that I still haven’t picked up the first one…still, the news that Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 has been announced is interesting! I’m a fan of the Etrian Odyssey games, I definitely should look into these cross-over games.

The game adds new classes with “Pirate,” “Alchemist,” “Monk,” and “Kenkaku.” You’ll get to create your own characters, take on various quests and powerful F.O.Es. It’ll also have the Mystery Dungeon features such as picking up items around the floors, randomly generated maps, Monster Houses, weapon upgrading, traps, and more.

MiiTomo celebrates it’s first anniversary

On March 31st it was one year ago that the first mobile game made by Nintendo was released. I’m guessing most of you don’t check into the game anymore. Still, I wanted to remind you anyway of the bonus to be had to celebrate. On the first day you’ll get this festive hat!

And if you feel creative, you might want to join the Outfit Design contest. If you’re lucky and your outfit is chosen as winner, the MiiTomo admin team will create a digital clothing item and distribute it to all users as an in-app gift!

That’s it again for this week. I’ll be playing some more Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and Layton versus Phoenix Wright. What will you be playing? Anyway, have a great gaming weekend!


  1. Ah, I didn’t really check out the first Etrian Mystery Dungeon, seeing as Rougelikes aren’t my favorite type of RPG. I prefer classic dungeon crawlers myself! Though I’m willing to check out one or two rougelikes. There was one that I want to get, Touhou Genso Wanderer, but I don’t have a PS4 or PSVita, sadly.

    Ah, Akiba’s Trip got a sequel! I watched someone play the first game, and it looks fun. “Most notably- No stripping!” I remember that was a key feature in the first game, because the main enemies were vampire-like people that were weak to the sunlight, unless if they wore clothes. At least I understand why they would tone it down for the sequel, considering the more story-focused main game they’re going for here.

    On the subject of gaming pranks on April Fools, I’ve seen plenty! This one small team made a purposefully bad re-texturing of Super Smash Bros. Melee. Then one game developer I follow had TWO April Fool’s pranks! You gotta love how much effort they seem to give this stuff.

    1. You know, I didn’t even know what rogue-like meant before. But checking it out on Wikipedia it says this: ” Roguelike is a subgenre of role-playing video games characterized by a dungeon crawl through procedurally generated game levels, turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and permanent death of the player-character.” I must be honest that I’m not entirely sure why they made a different term for these games, as I feel as if this applies to a lot of games!
      I haven’t played the first one either, too many games on my plate as it is already.

      It goes without saying the I never checked out Akiba’s Trip, not for me. But Akiba’s Beat might be interesting!

  2. Wow, that Yo-Kai mobile game looks cool! I actually really miss that franchise, I loved the first installment but from what I’ve seen, the follow-up games didn’t offer a whole lot of changes or additions from the first one, so I’ve held off on it. One of these days I might have to look into it more and see if it’d be something I’d like.. naturally though, I’m a little biased towards Switch releases..

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