Handheld Gaming News week 15 part 1

It’s early morning here, the house is still quiet. Aside from Sammy of course, who is happy to have some morning company. She wants me to throw her toy over and over again, but she hasn’t mastered the concept of letting it go first yet. Time to put her in my lap where she can chew on her bone while I write. Lots of Handheld Gaming News to tell my friend, so come on in! Milk and sugar?

Yesterday was a special day for me, as my little girl turned 18. Over here, in the Netherlands, this means a lot of changes. She can drive a car alone (provided that she has her license, which she has), she can buy and drink alcohol now if she wishes to, she has to take care of her own health insurance and she can even get married without our consent. Let’s just hope she doesn’t do all of this at once and keeps on being my little girl!

On to the gaming news then: yesterday Nintendo broadcasted a Nintendo Direct. While I expected a lot of Switch news, I was pleased to see some great 3DS news as well. There are three new games coming that I’m really, really exited for. In fact, it’s difficult to choose which one to mention first. So, let’s get going!

Ever Oasis, brand new game for 3DS

A brand new game, developed by the team that was behind the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The game was announced at last years E3 and caught my attention immediately with the colourful design. If you know my gaming preferences, you’ll see why. The game has exploration in it, foraging and synthesising, developing a town and RPG-ing to boot!

In my earlier impressions based on the trailer (find the article here) I described it as a mix between Fantasy Life and Animal Crossing. The gameplay they showed at this weeks Direct featured more of the RPG part. So, we will have to wait and see how much of the AC elements are really there. Still, a game that has elements like Rune Factory, the Atelier games and Zelda (when it comes to solving puzzles) is a must in my book!

The game will be released on the 3DS on June 23 2017. A busy gaming month ahead my friends!

RPG Maker Fes for 3DS in June 2017

An interesting game to look out for: you can make your own RPG game and share it with others. Even those who don’t own RPG Maker Fes can download a free version of it (RPG Maker Player app). People all over the world can play the RPG you made, even if they can’t design one of their own. You start out your RPG by making a map. On the touchscreen you can select from various tiles, like grass, water, bricks, or dirt. With this you mold the top-down world. That in itself already sounds promising.

Starting with a small green island floating in a larger sea, you can add lakes, a few topographical features, and a mysterious statue in the middle to make a basic overworld. When you add a  second map to serve as the first ‘town’  with a row of townhouses and coins scattered around for eclectic decoration. After that it starts for real, when you add events, bringing things to life. You can use the standard events, but the game allows you to create your own too.

It seems this game is perfect for creative minds, a game to look out for. RPG Maker Fes will release for the Nintendo 3DS on June 23rd in Europe and June 27th in North America.RPG Fes, creative game, ladiesgamers.com

MiiTopia is coming West

A couple of weeks ago I already mentioned that a patent had been filed in the West for MiiTopia. The RPG that uses your Mii and it’s friends to have an RPG adventure of their own. In the Nintendo Direct it was confirmed: the game will be released West later in the year. What’s funny is that the Direct highlighted the connection to Tomodachi Life. The Japanese commercial at the time was more about Mii from your everyday life that you could incorporate (more info here). Anyway, good news that this quirky title will be available.3DS_Miitopia, Mii RPG, Ladiesgamers

Yo-Kai Watch 2: Physic Specters will reach America in the Fall

Europe just got Yo-Kai Watch Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits last week, America has another version to look forward to. Like with Pokémon games, this Yo-Kai Watch has a third definite game, and it will reach America this Fall.

This is what Level-5 tells us about it:

Whether players missed it the first time or want to fall in love again, the definitive version of YO-KAI Watch 2 is here! The YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters game delivers the same full YO-KAI WATCH 2 experience, but adds new Yo-kai to befriend, exclusive quests and the ability to hop on the Hexpress to a new resort area. Players can even befriend Wicked and Boss Yo-kai from previous games, learn about the origin of the mysterious feline Yo-kai, Darknyan, and experience a revamped Blasters co-op mode to beat powerful new bosses.

If you’ve held off on buying Yo-Kai Watch 2 but you are interested, this version might be the one for you.

Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training for Europe

Funny how some games make a special journey! This Brain Training game has run in America and Japan for years, but never made it over to Europe. Now, we will get the game over here too on July 28…want to get those grey masses moving? 

Lady Layton on 3DS in Japan

The Japanese version of the Nintendo Direct has some interesting news too: Lady Layton is expected on July 20 on the 3DS. It will be called Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy, and the game is expected later in 2017 in the West too. Personally, I liked the name Lady Layton better!

You know, there’s so much to share that I decided to make another Handheld Gaming News article tomorrow. Let’s say, part 2! So I’ll make sure the coffee is ready tomorrow, so don’t forget to come on by for the rest of the news!

For now, thanks for reading, and happy gaming this weekend!




  1. Looking forward to Ever Oasis. And it comes out the day before my birthday! I’m also eyeing miitopia, and the Lady Laton game. I might get the new Yokai too. I need to do some research first to see how different it is from the other Yokai Watch 2 games.

    1. Well, couldn’t have been a better moment for Ever Oasis to be released then! I know what gift you’ll be asking!
      As for the new YoKai, if you have played any of the YoKai 2 games I’d go for this third one. A bit like with Pokémon, where you had Diamond and Pearl, and then the full out version of Platinum.

  2. Happy 18th to your daughter! 🙂 Wow, there are so many good games to look forward to! I’ve been waiting for Ever Oasis ever since you did a post on it awhile back… and the more I see of Miitopia, the more I want to play that too! 🙂

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