Handheld Gaming News week 15 part 2

This had never happened before: so much Handheld Gaming News to tell, that I’ve decided to invite you back today for another cup of coffee! Part 1 of this weeks Handheld Gaming is here, now it’s time for part 2. Do you have some time to chat gaming?

Monster Hunter Stories for 3DS

Another game I’m super exited about is Monster Hunter Stories on the 3DS. I had already sampled it on my Japanese 3DS, you can read my thoughts on the game here. When news got out that the game underperformed in Japan, I wasn’t sure we would be seeing it in the West at all. But during the Nintendo Direct it was announced for Fall 2017.

Now you know I tried getting into the main Monster Hunter game, but failed. This new game though is more to my liking: colourful, less harsh and bloody, and turn based! Of course, Pokémon games come to mind, as you will be collecting monsters too. You do this by collecting eggs to get special monster friends. Once we have a definite date, I’ll let you know.

Hey! Pikmin has a release date for the 3DS

Now you know I’m a fan of the little Pikmin. Adorable little creatures that had big adventures on GameCube and Wii. For the first time, we are getting a 3DS game, but not of the same kind as the adventure games on console. The Pikmin and Captain Olimar now feature in a side scrolling platform game, no open world exploration.

Why is it that Nintendo feels the need to put all of their IP in platformers? Anyway, it looks good, the puzzles you have to solve by using your army of Pikmin sound good. And the new Amiibo that will be released on the same day. Both are available on July 28. Strange though that the game will only be available in 2D…

Exclusive Crank-a-Kai Set in Yo-Kai Watch 2

Aside from the news of the third game to the Yo-Kai Watch 2 game-set to be released in America, there’s nice news for Fleshy Souls and Bony Spirits too. You can get an exclusive Crank-a-Kai set by visiting the Lambert Post Office. Talk to the lady in window number 2 to get the goodies and remember, you have until June 2nd to do so, but apparently you can get a new coin every week.

Aside from that, you can get a glitzy coin by entering the code SP@RKL3S! into the game. Your chance to get a rare Yo-Kai! Yo-Kai Watch 2, special coins, crank-a-kai

The Snack World: Trejarers releases in Japan

On July 13 The Snack World releases in Japan on the 3DS, at the same time that the show will start airing over there on television. This game, by Level-5, looks so good that I really hope we will get a shot at it too. The character you create in The Snack World is an adventurer called Trejarer. There are a lot of customisation options, which is always nice.  Traveling with your comrades you explore the world, battling enemies to get ahead in the game.

Choosing your “Jaras” is the key to winning battles. These miniature keychain-like items are the Jaras. They are normally small miniature items that you walk around with, but in battle they enlarge into items that you can equip. You’ll need to pick various Jaras that suits situations in battle for the best results. Limited numbers of The Snack World: Trejarers will come with a bonus “Crystal Sword Alpha” Jara.

Check out the trailer and see what you think!

Lady Layton on mobile devices

Yesterday, in the Handheld Gaming News part 1, I told you about the Japanese release of the 3DS game Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy. While we wait for a Western release later in 2017, the mobile version of the game will be released worldwide on July 20!

It’ll be available for 1,900 yen and will have in-app purchases. Level-5 notes that micro-transaction items won’t ever be needed to get to the game’s ending. I do wonder if it’ll be released worldwide in other languages, or that you’ll be able to download the Japanese version.


Well, enough for one weekend, right? I hope you had a lot of fun reading all the news. All that’s left to me is to wish you a happy gaming weekend!



  1. Very excited about Monster Hunter Stories – not initially, but the more I look into it, the more fun it looks. I loved Monster Hunter 4 but I don’t think I’d get into a regular-release MH game for a bit, they are simply massive timesinks and as addicting and fun as they are, I don’t like to pigeonhole myself into one game. I didn’t pick up Generations after I sunk about 50 hours into MH4 for that very reason.

    Anyway, I’m surprised you didn’t mention Ever Oasis! That looks like something that might be up your alley? Not too many people knew about it I feel, at least the folks I’ve mentioned it to, at least. It was mentioned late last year and then never again! But it looks pretty promising and like a fun town-builder/adventure title.

    1. I played a bit of the Japanese Monster Hunter Stories, and it’s the kind of adventure I can totally get into. But I do understand your initial hesitance when you’re a fan of the main series. It differs a lot!
      Haha, you know my gaming preferences well. I’m super exited for Ever Oasis, I mentioned it on top of my list in Handheld Gaming news week 15 part 1! There was so much news this week I split it in two!

  2. I’m really looking forward to a lot of the 3Ds games like Monster Hunter, Ever Oasis, and that Pikmin game.I was also happy the official date for Splatoon for the Switch was announced. I have to pick up the Switch when it restocks. I also was drawn to the trailer for Mario Cart (especially since Isabelle from Animal Crossing is there). Do any of the Switch games appeal to you?

    1. I think I’ll pick up a Switch when it’s back in stock too, but to be honest, I am still not exited for any of the new games announced. Too much action and real time fighting. I still hope something like Stardew Valley might find it’s way. Maybe the Minecraft game?

  3. There was so much exciting news in that Direct! I’m hoping to pick up Monster Hunter Stories, Hey! Pikmin, maybe even the new version of Yo-kai Watch 2, though I don’t think it could be that much different from the first pair.

    1. The wallet will take a bit hit again, right? I’m going for Monster Hunter Stories, Ever Oasis, Lady Layton on mobile too, maybe Pikmin…so many good gaming coming!

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