Handheld Gaming News week 15

This weekend was a special weekend for us, as our daughter turned 19. And of course, that means I’ve been a mom too for 19 years. So some celebration was in order. But in between running back and forth to host a small party, there was still some time to bring you the handheld gaming news of this week.

This is the news for handheld games that stood out to me. So get yourself a cup of coffee, and lets chat some gaming!

Etrian Odyssey X announced for 3DS as the ultimate game

When you’re an Etrian Odyssey fan you’ll be overjoyed with this news. And if you haven’t tried the game before, this might be a good start: Atlus announced Etrian Odyssey X. The game will release in Japan on the 3DS on August 2. Japanese players who pre-purchase Etrian Odyssey X will receive a special pack of downloadable artwork from various illustrators.

The game is called a “complete crossover of the entire series” as the very last brand-new title that will be on the 3DS. It takes place in a new land called Remlia, where adventurers from around the world gather on the flying city known as “Magnia.” It will feature 19 classes including the new Hero class.

YoKai Watch 4 is being made for the Switch

Level-5 already remarked on focusing their development on Switch games a while back. This week we got the news that they are making the newest YoKai Watch (that’s number 4) for the Switch.

Still, recently Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino stated in regards to the next game that “its content is getting a super high-grade power up, including some things that will surprise everyone.” Here in the West we are still waiting on the third game in the series, so I’m guessing the fourth one on the Switch is a even farther away.

Need some new stickers for LINE?

Nintendo are holding a 50% off sticker sale on the LINE store with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario’s Relaxing Life and Animal Crossing all half-price. Thanks for the daily news update of all things Nintendo, Japanesenintendo.com!

Which Fortune Cookie Shop do you favor?

In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on mobile, a Fortune Cookie Shop is opening in the Market Place. Only one more day to cast your vote to choose the one you want: Marshall’s pastry cookie, Rosie’s pop-star cookie or Filbert’s rocket cookie. Voting takes place onTwitter until 16 April, with the winning entry free to every player from 20 April.

On April 17 the game will be down for maintenance, and we are all expecting some big updates. Never a dull moment in Pocket Camp!

Pokémon Go Earth Day Cleanup

Pokémon Go is a mobile game that just keeps adding new updates and changes the focus of its gameplay, which is how a mobile game should be. Let’s not forget the impact the game made by bringing people together with a shared passion to catch them all. I loved the camaraderie it inspired.

That’s why this news snippet caught my attention. Inspired by Mission Blue (an organisation that is dedicated to exploring and protecting the oceans) Niantic is working with Playmob and local NGOs (local nonprofits) to host cleanup events around the world.

These cleanup events will involve picking up trash and cleaning natural areas alongside other Trainers and local community members in a 48-hour period. There are in game rewards too:

  • 1,500 players cleaning up trash:
    • Unlock 2x Stardust when catching Ground-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokémon
  • 3,000 players cleaning up trash:
    • Unlock 3x Stardust when catching Ground-, Water-, and Grass-type Pokémon

If you want to join in on April 22, you can find the website here. You can find an event that’s already organised, or suggest a local organisation that could host it.

Rumours about expansion Universal Orlando

This week, rumours have been flying about an expansion for Universal Orlando. They have been busy preparing for a Super Nintendo Land, that much we already knew. However, Universal has acquired a large portion of land and settled a lawsuit this week. The former owner had sued the company, saying he still owned the rights to enforce private deed restrictions in that area, which included a ban on theme parks.

Apparently Universal was able to settle in court, during the hearings an attorney for Universal referenced theme-park plans for the area, telling a judge they were “obviously super, super secret commercial information.”

This was one of the things that triggered the rumour that Universal is planning an entirely new theme park there, where Nintendo will occupy a part. And in the original park, a Pokemon Park will be added to the the KidZone section of Universal, where Woody Woodpecker and Barney are located now. At least, that’s what News Network ABC said last week. Interesting!

Atelier Series music on iTunes

You know how I have my gaming music playlist which I dearly love? I saw a snippet of news on RPGFan that the Atelier misc is now available on iTunes! It’s only available in America, which is a pity, but still: relaxing tunes ahead! Here’s the article detailing the news. 


That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading, and have a happy gaming week!


  1. I’m excited about YoKai Watch 4, altho I find YoKai Watch 3 wasn’t as interesting as the first 2, I do like the zombie night on YW3.
    Did you play Don’t starve on Switch?

      1. I kinda like it. The problem is the base game doesn’t let you save or get checkpoints ( if you don’t count “save and quit” which only allow you to get back to the game once ), so you have to find ways to resurrect on death ( or loose everything on permanent death and start day 1 all over ). The longest days I survived was 6 days, lol! Still getting the hang of not dying, lol!

          1. After 1 week of playing, I just realize that I can preset my own custom world so I survived longer. $20 for 1 + 2 expansion (Reign of Giants & Shipwrecked) Not a bad deal.

            Have not gone in to RoG, but SW, I like the color of the world. Try it when you have nothing to play, and hope it won’t disappoint you.

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