Handheld Gaming News week 17

Hi there, come on in! Want to share a cup of coffee and chat a bit about handheld gaming news?  I’m afraid my week wasn’t all about gaming, as we were on holiday for a couple of days. We decided to hop over the pond and visit the UK. Well, not exactly hop, as we took the train to cross the channel. It always amazes me how one can enter such a different world after only a half an hours train ride.

Normally we tend to visit London, but this time we had booked a stay at a Center Parcs bungalow. It was years ago since we did this, and although our daughter wasn’t small anymore, she and her friend enjoyed the activities in the Park very much. Which left us free to explore the countryside, see Bath and visit some stunning National Trust houses and gardens. I know, no doubt many of you might view this as a boring pastime, but sometimes you have to remember my age, lol.

Anyway, meanwhile there was enough handheld gaming news this week, mainly because Nintendo held their Financial Results briefing for the press. And took the opportunity to share some news about upcoming releases. So, enjoy your coffee while we jump right in:

Nintendo sales over the years

Everyone was eagerly awaiting to see what effect the recently released Nintendo Switch would have on Nintendo’s results. And it’s been quite the year for the company, with considerable growth and momentum. Good sales on the 3DS, the Switch and even a successful year for the mobile market.

The Switch was sold more then they had expected: the prediction of 2 million has been topped by 2.74 million consoles leaving the store. I’ve found first hand how difficult it is to get one at the moment, so let’s hope the company sorts out their supply as they should make use of the momentum.

Sales of Breath of the Wild are almost equivalent to the Switch’s sales, which is also due to the game being available for the Switch and the WiiU. Nintendo mentioned the succes of the game, and has stated that it has become the first ever Zelda game for a lot of people. Imagine the fun these first time players can expect with a gaming series that has run for so long now.

Being in finances myself I checked out the Financial briefing of course, and I couldn’t resist sharing these images with you:Hard and software sales Nintendo

Hard and software sales NintendoLooking at these numbers you can clearly see that the WiiU sticks out like a sore thumb. And isn’t it amazing, those sales numbers of the DS? The 3DS still has a long way to go!

New 2DS XL

This was a surprise for me: Nintendo has scheduled the release of a new handheld device, the New 2DS XL. To me, this proves they intend to keep supporting the 3DS, which as a handheld gamer I think is great. Still, I hadn’t expected them to upgraded the 2DS. The console will release worldwide on July 28th for $ 149,95. Should I want to replace my old 3DS XL this would be my way to go, as I hardly ever use 3D anyway! New 2ds XL

Special Dragon Quest XI New 2DS XL

Japan will immediately get a special New 2DS XL when Dragon Quest XI releases on July 29: a Liquid Metal Slime special edition! In addition to the Dragon Quest XI physical software that comes bundled with the game, it’ll come included with the first-print bonus “Vest of Happiness” and “New Money Vest” items. The console comes with a download ticket to get the “Liquid Metal Slime Theme” as well.

liquid metal slime 2DS

Releasedate for MiiTopia

July 28th is shaping up to be an important date in gaming land. We already had Hey Pikmin! confirmed for that date, as well as Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training for Europe. Now, MiiTopia will be released that day in America and Europe too. In the game you guide your team of Mii characters on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the citizens of Miitopia. Mii characters will mingle over food, camping, exercise, sleeping arrangements as well as combat.3DS_Miitopia, Mii RPG, Ladiesgamers

Mobile gaming experiences Nintendo

Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima talked about the companies experiences with the market for gaming on smart devices. Nintendo has tested the waters with a variety in games, play styles and payment models. No doubt, they will use the lessons learned on future mobile games. All I can say is: please bring us the most awesome Animal Crossing game, and soon!Nintendo mobile gaming market

Survey in America among Switch users

I’m always fascinated by Survey’s and love staring at the numbers, so I couldn’t resist sharing this little tidbit of information with you too. This survey was sent to American Switch users, and gave us these insights: Usage Switch by Household

Oi, I guess I’m in the minority everywhere: only 10% are female, and then only 2% are ages 45 and up!

Getting your Mario Kart 8 DeLuxe for Switch

No doubt many of you will be enjoying playing Mario Kart 8 De Luxe on the Switch. I saw an offer over here in the Netherlands where you could swap your WiiU version of Mario Kart 8 for a Switch one. Of course you had to put some more money in, but it still looked like a good deal to me. You get roughly €20 back for your old game! For those of you in the Netherlands who are interested, the link to the deal is here. You have until May 7th! 


Enough for now! I am currently enjoying Atelier Firis on my Vita again, about time too. I got knocked out of the game too early, it’s time to get some solid hours in. I want to wish you a great gaming weekend, and thanks again for reading!


  1. Both models of 2DS XL are absolutely going to be mine. They are gorgeous, affordable, and they look incredibly comfortable to boot.

    I’m a bit surprised by the Switch users survey, because I fully expected older gamers, female gamers and children to join the fray in much greater numbers. I hope these groups will rally and invest in the Switch as time goes on; I doubt the Switch can be a success on par with the DS or the Wii if it doesn’t appeal to all demographics.

    1. Both 2DS models? You’re really enthousiastic!
      In a way I’m not surprised by the Switch results. For now, it’s gamers’ paradise, they are the only ones who pre-ordered them. Ever since release there’s no Switch to be bought, at least not here in the Netherlands. And the casual gamer hasn’t had a chance to buy it at all. Plus, are there enough games that might interest the casual gamer? Don’t know about that yet!

  2. I just ordered the Switch! I found it as a bundle that has Zelda, Mario Kart, and a sd card. I’m really excited! I am surprised at the low about of females using the Switch. I imagine it will change over time. I think exploring the beautiful scenery sounds great by the way! It’s nice to get away from the busyness of everyday life.

    1. When is your Switch due to arrive? Over here there’s so Switch available anywhere. I did order one, but it might be weeks before I really get one. My own fault, for not pre-ordering!

  3. It should get here in a week or two. I went with the lowest shipping cost. Here it is hard to buy the Switch outside of a bundle. Amazon had the Switch by itself, but it was only for Prime members! By the time I saw it and thought of asking my friend it sold out! So I went a head with the bundle.

    1. You’re still lucky! Over here, you can’t order it online anywhere. The stores that matter have a list of people waiting, as I am. Oh well, I’ll occupy myself with other games!

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