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Hello dear fellow gamers, do come in to chat about some Handheld Gaming News!

LadiesGamers.com has a survey up called “Still Happy to be a Gamer” which you probably know, as I’ve been nagging everyone to fill it out. I added a box to give us your feedback, and I was so happy to see such lovely comments! One of my readers from Africa mentioned:

I love reading your posts on LadiesGamers and I miss the Friday cup of coffee ☕ posts!

Although these Handheld Gaming News posts are pretty much the same as the Friday’s Cup of Coffee as far as content is concerned, there’s one thing that’s very different: nowadays Handheld Gaming News is mostly published on a Sunday.

Now I’m one of those people who doesn’t like Mondays, and often, that feeling already starts on Sunday evening. So I can totally relate to her comment. I guess it’s not the same, reading the Gaming News on Sunday when the working week is looming ahead again! So, I’ll try to go back to publishing on Friday. And maybe include a nice cup of coffee with some whipped cream and sprinkles on top!

So, get your favourite cup of beverage and get back to the news:

Yonder: the Cloud Catcher Chronicles is released on May 17!

Developer Prideful Sloth has announced that Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on Switch will be released on the Nintendo eShop digitally on May 17th. Which is much sooner then the physical version of the game!

If you don’t want to buy digital, you will have to wait till June 12th in North America, and June 15th in Europe and Australia. The game will retail for $29.99 on the eShop, and the physical version will cost $10 more. I think I’m going to go for digital then!

If you want to read a bit more about the game, you can find it here.
Here’s the new trailer that was released:

First 4 Figures is working on Okami figurines

First 4 Figures is well known for their high quality figures for well known licensed IP’s. They are currently working on figures for Okami, and I must say they look amazing. They are very costly too though! They are expected in the second half of 2019. Here’s an example of Shiranui, Amaterasu’s previous incarnation at full power.

Yveltal and Xerneas waiting for you at GAME in the UK

Did you play Pokémon X or Y? The legendaries for these games are Yveltal and Xerneas. And you can now get a code for them at GAME, a video game store in the UK or at GameStop in Ireland. Beginning May 4 until May 26, players can receive either Yveltal or Xerneas* in their Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS or 2DS.

When the wings and tail feathers of Yveltal spread wide and glow red, it can absorb the life force of living creatures. Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokémon, and it is said it can share eternal life when the horns on its head shine in seven colours.

Mii Character Creation will be available in your web browser

For a couple of months I have been using MiiTomo to make little featured images for ladiesgamers.com. Sadly though, MiiTomo only has a few more days left, and then it’s over. So I’m going to resort to other methods soon.

The news that at the end of May we will have a Mii Character Creation on web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox might be very welcome. Let’s hope there are enough options to make a nice Mii collection!

Keep in mind though, that between the ending of MiiTomo on May 9, and the start of the Webbrowser function, you can’t change your Mii associated to your My Nintendo Account. Well, actually, you can, but changes won’t last. You’ll have to wait for the new Mii Character Creation.

Stardew Valley update multiplayer in beta testing now

Stardew Valley multiplayer is now being tested on PC, but it seems there are new items and events included too! Here’s a list from Siliconera:

New items are available. Shipping boxes, stone signs and wood signs can be made. An Auto-Grabber is sold by Marnie to automatically get items from farm animals. Evelyn has a recipe for a Garden Pot that lets you grow a single crop year-round indoors or outdoors. Sandy sells new seasonal furniture and cactus seeds. A Night Market is held at the docks. It takes place on Winter 15 at 5pm. People can visit and buy some items, and the Egg Festival sells new items. People can also visit the Statue of Uncertainty near Krobus to pay 10,000g to change your profession.

Relationships have been altered and improved You can talk to the Junimos living on your farm. Krobus, Linus and Willie have new friendship events. There is also a group break-up event where if someone is dating every bachelor or bachelorette in town (by giving them a bouquet), all of the men or women will be at the bar and confront you about dating all of them without letting them know what was going on. They will then not talk to your farmer for a while.

If you have already upgraded your house to the full, you can build now Pam and Penny a house. This will replace their trailer in town. This can be done by visiting Robin when you have 350 wood and 500,000g.

Zelda Breath of the Wild soundtrack has been released

The soundrack for Zelda BOTW is available, and the collectors edition looks pretty amazing. There’s such a lot included in the package that I’m going to send you to Japanesenintendo.com for the full detail! Check out the content here. By the way, I checked, but there’s no sign of the soundrack in iTunes…

Nintendo will continue to work with DeNA

Last week I mentioned that Nintendo announced a partnership with Cygames, to bring the RPG Dragalia Lost to mobile. Questions arose what happened to their working relationship with DeNA. President Kimishima pointed out:

“DeNA is not only in charge of our smart device business, but are also providing technical support for our Nintendo Account system, and we would like to continue our relationship with DeNA on this regard as well. As such, there is a difference between our partnership with DeNA and Cygames. In order to expand our smart device business even further, there is a possibility that we may find other partners as well.”

Apparently Cygames came to Nintendo with a proposition they couldn’t refuse:

“In order to bring the app out as a part of Nintendo’s game app lineup, we decided it was important to co-develop and co-maintain the app. To do so, we partnered together, and are going to purchase a partial amount of Cygames’ stock as well.”


Enough news for this week!

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you will have a great gaming weekend!


  1. The term handheld is an interesting one these days, particulary when you consider that Switch is a hybrid home/handheld console. 🙂

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