Handheld Gaming News week 20

Here we are again, ready to look at this weeks’ handheld gaming news that stood out to me.

But first, time for another cute doggy picture. Sammy is almost six months now, and she is doing well. Still toting sticks around, massively enthusiastic about gnawing at bones, she found out that she loves to dig holes and at times she just likes to snuggle close.

Come on in, get yourself a cup of coffee and let’s chat gaming!

ARMS and Splatoon 2

If you are the least bit interested in playing video games you can not have missed the Nintendo Direct dedicated to ARMS, the new game coming to Switch. And they snuck in some news about Splatoon 2 as well, which looked good. They highlighted the single-player story mode for Splatoon 2, which will be great news for the fans.

The new Switch Splatoon bundle with the neon pink and green Pro-controller coming out on July 21 is looking great. The pink and green joycon controllers will follow later, in Autumn. I do wonder how they intend to stock all of this when they can’t even meet demand for the ‘ normal’ Switch version! Anyway, if you want to know more about these two games, you will find it here at NintendoLife.

The Splatoon hype in Japan is really off the charts. You can even buy an empty Splatoon bundle box in stores for $5!Splatoon bundle, empty box, Japan

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia released

Fire Emblem fans beware: today Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is released for the 3DS. In the game, you have to take command over the two armies of Alm and Celica. These two friends from childhood have to combine forces and fight in the war that is consuming the nations of Rigel and Zofia on the continent of Valentia. Want to know more about it? Read it here. 


The Legend of Zelda is going mobile

It would seem that Nintendo tested the waters of mobile gaming, and likes what they are seeing. This week we learned through a report from the Wall Street Journal that the gaming company is making a mobile The Legend of Zelda game. We don’t know yet if it will be a pay once and get the whole game kind of thing, or a game played for free with in-app purchases like  like Fire Emblem Heroes.

It will probably be a game that is complimentary to the console versions of Zelda. I don’t believe it will be a full game, although Oceanhorn has proven that it’s possible to bring a good adventure game  to mobile. All I do know is that they’d better release Animal Crossing first. We have waited long enough now! 

Harvest Moon Light of Hope announced for the Switch

Will this be the first simulation game for the Switch? Or will StarDew Valley be first? I do hope we will see a sim game soon on the system! Check out the news here. 

Disgaea 5 Complete Demo in eShop for Switch

Pretty soon the Switch will get a new RPG: Disgaea 5 Complete will be released on May 23 in America and May 26 in Europe. It looks like an RPG I might enjoy, but I’m not sure yet. Perfect that the American eShop has a demo to check the game out, and see how I would like it in the Nether World.

Check out the Game Overview Trailer below

Dragon Quest XI has crafting

Dragon Quest XI was already on my radar. The game will be released soon in Japan for the 3DS (July 29) but it’s also in development for the Switch. This week I read that the game even got a bit more interesting: there’s a Mysterious Forge in the game. The Mysterious Forge basically allows you to create and enhance equipment, including weapons, armor, and more. You’ll need a recipe to start making something with the Mysterious Forge, which you can find scattered about it the game.

Of course, you’ll need to have the required materials for crafting, which can also be found around various places such as fields. Once you start smithing away, your goal is to basically fill up the gauges to increase the “success zone.” You’ll also get to use skills to help increase success rates.There’s also a special gem that lets you enhance your creations. These are acquired from successfully using the Mysterious Forge.

Ever Oasis Fan Pack up for pre-order

Ever Oasis, a game that you know I’m really looking forward to, is up for pre-order at the Nintendo UK store for GBP 34,99. I you pre-order the Fan Pack, you’ll get two adorable pins. I’m sorely tempted! You can find the link to order here. 


Pokémon Go Adventure Week

On Thursday May 18 Adventure Week started in Pokémon Go, which means:

  • PokéStops will award ‘more items’ to players.
  • Poké Balls will be discounted by 50% in the shop.
  • Buddy Pokémon will find candies four times faster while walking
  • Rock-type Pokémon including ‘Omanyte, Kabuto, and their Evolutions’ will appear more often.
  • A new Explorer’s Hat will be available for your character.

This summer it will be one year that Pokémon Go overtook the mobile gaming week. I guess we will see lots more celebrations soon!

Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plushes

Now, I’m not into collecting plush dolls myself, but when I saw these in a mail I got from Square Enix it was hard to not press the pre-order button. The Final Fantasy series is 30 years old this year, and to celebrate they created these adorable Plush Chocobo and Plush Moogle. They aren’t cheap, mind you, at € 32,99 but they do look so cute! Should you want to order them in the European store, here’s the link. 


Well, I guess that’s it for this week. Enough to tell again, hardly ever a dull moment in gaming land. I’m still enjoying my Atelier Firis very much, so I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to another game yet. Guess not. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your gaming weekend!


  1. I’ve picked up Fire Emblem and started playing and I like it so far. I’m trying to get my brother and boyfriend to get it but they are burned on the horrible translation of the last game.

    Plus they are planning on getting Disgaea 5 after playing the demo (which I am too).

  2. I’m glad to see FE Echoes is getting every bit of attention it deserves. i went to the store to buy it yesterday, but instead stumbled on a Switch! Been waiting for one for weeks, and there it was: unexpected stock! So I’ll focus on trying Zelda first!

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