Handheld Gaming News week 23

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a cup of coffee or tea. It’s time again to chat about our favourite Handheld Gaming News!

We are on the brink of another Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Next week will hopefully bring much more news about upcoming games for the Switch and maybe even the 3DS. Like I did last year, I’m hoping for Animal Crossing on the Switch, but then I’m always hoping that.

Do you know what my wish is? That we will be bowled over by Nintendo telling us about Animal Crossing for the Switch with an added: ” and you know what, the game is available right now in the eShop”  How cool would that be?

For now though, let’s look at the news for this week.

Demo Shining Resonance Refrain

We have talked about the upcoming RPG Shining Resonance Refrain before. The game will be release on July 10 on the Switch, but pretty soon you can give it a try. A free demo comes to the eShop on June 12. It’s confirmed for America, not yet for Europe though. At the same time, visitors of the E3 conference will be able to try the game too.

A Magical High School Girl comes to Switch

Not exactly a Switch exclusive as this game is already available on mobile for a small price. Apparently it’s easy to remake for the Switch because it came to the eShop with only short notice! 

“Explore the way home in the roguelike RPG A Magical High School Girl, coming to Nintendo Switch this spring! Craft your own magic based on what you name your spells, battle the monsters that stands in your way and make friends with a crazy cast of characters!”

Hmm, something I may have to look into!

Stardew Valley Vita troubles will be addressed

Ever since May 24, when Stardew Valley was released on the Vita, there have been reports of sudden crashes. Luckily, help is underway. The team at Chucklefish says they have the problem identified and are making an update that will solve these sudden crashes. Patience….

Team 17 (My Time at Portia) announced their plans for the E3

The company that is responsible for My Time at Portia has confirmed that the game with run on a console for the first time at the E3. Team 17 has released My Time at Portia on PC some months ago in Early Access. It got good reviews, so let’s hope we will get a release date as well!

GameStop exclusive for Octopath Traveler

Personally I wasn’t exactly inspired by the Octopath Traveler game, Square Enix’s ambitious new game coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 13. But as I know my fellow writers are really looking forward to it I bet you can see a review popping up on here.

Now GameStop is offering an exclusive gift to customers who reserve a copy of Octopath Traveler. While supplies last, a game-inspired character card and sticker set will be given to those who pre-order the retro-inspired role-playing title. If you want to give the game a try, a free demo is available in the Switch eShop.

Patch and DLC for Atelier Lydie & Suelle on Switch

If you are enjoying Atelier Lydie on the Switch, you might be interested to know that an update is available. It patches some things that weren’t quite as it should be in the game, and it adds some DLC. Here is the list:


  • Added DLC compatibility
  • Added minor events
  • Added new Falgior rematch event
  • Added training battle event with Sophie
  • Fixed various bugs and defects

DLC seasonal passes:

  • Battle Mix Secret Teachings
  • Playable character “Ilmeria”
  • New area “Claudel Prairie”
  • New outfit for Firis “Teacher’s Favorite”
  • New outfit for Sophie “Best Partner”
  • New outfit for Ilmeria “Cormeria?”
  • New outfit for Lucia “Bunny Tail”

Alchemic Jousts makes its way to the Switch eShop

A little game that is found in the eShop this week is Alchemic Jousts, a action strategy game that is made by Lunatic Pixels from Barcelona. The game starts you off with wind, water, fire and earth, which you have to combine to make new elements. These elements can then be used in battle.

It looks cute, expect a review on the site shortly.


Story-driven Rhythm game Lanota for Switch

What a shame I’m so bad at rhythm games! The story-driven rhythm game Lanota will make its way to the Nintendo eShop. In the game, The game’s two heroes, Fisica and Ritmo, are tasked with reviving ‘Notalium’ and bringing music back to the world. Aside from the fact that it looks oh so cute, I am tempted because of the following description:

” Players will be able to perform over 70 tracks on a 360 degree circular field, with the goal being to hit notes all around this ‘plate’ to feel the beat and follow the musical flow. You can tap, hold and slide the notes to perform and achieve perfect combos.

There are multiple ways to tackle each track. In addition to the game’s four difficulty settings, you can choose to ‘Tune’ or ‘Purify’ songs. Purify ends your attempt if you miss too many notes, whereas Tune allows you to continue without that added pressure, allowing players of all skill levels to experience the game in a way ideally suited to them.”

Would it be a game for even me, the musically challenged one who can’t handle the pressure of hitting the right notes? If you can’t wait for the Switch version, the game is available in mobile as well for a smaller fee. But you have to pay to get more levels of course.

Lanota will be available from the Nintendo Switch eShop on 14th June in North America, and 20th June in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, scheduled to cost $14.99 USD / €14,99.

I guess that’s enough. Starting Saturday, there will be much more news to share.

Thank you for reading, and have a Happy Gaming Weekend!


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