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Handheld Gaming News week 23

On the threshold of one of the most important weekends in gaming, here’s this weeks Handheld Gaming News. E3 is going to kick off today, and ahead of the event, some of the gaming companies have already brought us news. So come on in, get yourself a cup of coffee and let’s see what there is to chat about!

I expect a lot of news about games for the Switch. Or is that hope instead of expectations? I’m enjoying my explorations a lot in Zelda as I’ve taken the Switch with my on my commute this week. Making good headway, climbing mountain after mountain and picking up every glittering object. I did have a horse, but I must admit I’d much rather go on foot. Wouldn’t want to miss anything!

Puzzle in real life with Layton’s Mystery Journey

I bet you wish you could visit the E3 like I do, or that we even lived in Los Angelos! Level-5 has thought of a marvellous way to promote their upcoming game. They put together a custom-made “mystery adventure” to promote their upcoming Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire’s Conspiracy.

From now until E3, the Layton series Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are updated daily with a hint or puzzle that will help participants find the “Layton Café.” The café will be open for only one day on June 14th, but will serve complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks. The menu will be themed after the Layton universe and will also feature souvenirs, music tracks from the Layton series, puzzles, and more.

Not long now before the release of the mobile version of the game here in the West: July 20, while Japan also gets the 3DS version on the same day. For that version, we have to wait till autumn.lady layton, layton's mystery journey, E3

Atlus announced three games for the West

Atlus has made fans happy by announcing three new games for the West.

  • Etrian Odyssey V, which will be coming to North America in Fall 2017 and to Europe in Winter 2017.  The name is going to be Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth.
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Deep Strange Journey. This game is slated to release early next year in America and Europe under the name Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux.
  • Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology will release early next year in both America and Europe.Etrian Odyssey V, ladiesgamers.com

Pokémon Direct news this week

A Nintendo Direct, that is announced shortly before it’s aired, always leads to a feeling of excitement. And if the Nintendo Direct is about Pokémon like last Tuesday, it sure interests me. I didn’t know what to expect though, but it sure wasn’t a remake of the Pokkén Tournament that we know from the WiiU. And not the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the 3DS! I’ve put the announcement in a list here. 

Blue Reflection heading West too

Remember how we talked about one of Gusts’ new games, and not an Atelier game this time? Koei Tecmo confirmed that JRPG Blue Reflection will head west too on the Vita and PS4. Expect it in North America on September 26, 2017, followed by a European release on September 29, 2017.

Here’s a description of the game: Blue Reflection is a modern JRPG, so not taking place  worlds like the Atelier games. You get to know Hinako Shirai, a high school girl who wanted to be a ballet dancer, but had to quit after an accident left her unable to dance. She is withdrawing in her sadness over this until twins Lime and Yuzu Shijou come to her school. They are magical girls and share the power of being a Reflector with Hinako. When the three head into The Common, which is a  parallel dimension where imagination can alter its reality. There, Hinako will use her new abilities to fight dangerous enemies.

Like is often the case, the pre-order bonuses are interesting.  People who pre-order from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games, GameStop, or PlayStation Store will receive an outfit inspired by Atelier Rorona’s Rorona and a School Swimsuit costume, as well as a FreeSpace! in-game social network app theme. PlayStation Store purchases also include a PlayStation 4 theme. Blue reflection, rorona outfitAnime Workshop available in Nintendo 3DS eShop

Games where you can make you own adventure are popular! We had Mario Maker of course, at the end of this month RPG Maker will be released to the 3DS. And now we get Anime Workshop, which can be downloaded from the 3DS eShop today for $7,99. In it, players can create their own pixel art and animations and share them with others. Plus, players will also be able to post their creations online.anime workshop, ladiesgamers.com
Atelier Online for mobile announced

As a huge Atelier fan you can imagine I was very happy to hear this weeks announcement: Atelier Online is a game that’s coming on mobile. Expect the wonderful world of Atelier and lots of synthesis features, strategic battles that revolve around time-lines, and other things I love about the series. Of course, release in Japan (winter 2017/2018) will come first, but Koei Tecmo has a good history of bringing the games West.

Read a bit more about the game here, as well as the announcement of successor of Atelier Firis: Atelier Lady & Seour, though I suspect this will be changed to Sister later, lol. 

More news about Super Mario World Universal in Japan

As I wrote about before, Universal Studios Theme-park gets a new extension: Super Mario World. It will be themed on Nintendo’s more popular characters and their worlds, mostly centered around the Super Mario series. In addition to a Mario Kart ride attraction, it’ll feature state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops, restaurants, and more.

Super Nintendo World is expected to launch at Universal Studios Japan before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and it’s also headed to Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.


I’m going to leave you with that for this week, as I suspect I will be posting about E3 news in the next couple of days. Good times to be a gamer, right? I’m going to get some time in exploring with Link, and I wish you a very happy gaming weekend!




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