Handheld Gaming News week 35

Hello my dear readers, how was your Summer? Did you have a great time, enjoying some R&R like we did? We had a wonderful vacation visiting Hawaii, seeing Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. In the next couple of weeks I’ll tell you all about it, but for now, it’s time to get back into gaming. But to be honest, I’m sitting here at my laptop thinking about this weeks Handheld Gaming News. And I’m having a hard time getting anything typed onto the screen.

These past few weeks I’ve hardly played any game and even though we have been home for a week now, I have only once glanced at my Breath of the Wild. Let’s just say that ” gaming where the mood takes me” isn’t working right now. Reading where the mood takes me is definitely working though: I’ve read 17 books in 5 weeks time…hard to believe I’ve read so many. That’s what Kindle does for you: all this time on your hands and an unlimited library at your fingertips!

I did keep an eye on the news while I was away, only reporting on what I thought to be major news. Great news about the Switch that I was happy to fill you in on. Just to be sure, here they are once more:

Dragon Quest Builders 2 on the Switch

I played the first Dragon Quest Builders on my Vita, and absolutely loved it. It made it to my Game of the Year 2016, and that’s saying something. So the fact that this game will be released on the Switch too, is wonderful news to me. If you love gathering resources and managing them with lots of freedom to build and create the world around you, this could be your game too. The RPG element is not pretty difficult,  not at first, but the farther you go, the harder it becomes. Here’s a link to my blog about it. 

Dragon Quest Builders, ladiesgamers.com

RE: LEGEND will be available for the Switch too

Kickstarter project Re: Legend had a list of financial goals to meet, and one of them was raising $ 250.000 so they would bring the game to the Switch too and not just to Steam. Luckily for us they did, and not just that: they met all financial goals, so the game will come to PS4 and XBox too. RE:LEGEND is a video game about farming, exploring, village management and just so much more. See why I think that sounds just like Animal Crossing marrying Harvest Moon?

See the trailer in this blog, and see what you think. Of course, a release date might be a long way off! 

The next Atelier game for the Switch too!

Might as well have put that up there with big bold letter, as this is huge news. The third atelier game in the Mysterious series will appear on the Switch too! For years I have played the Atelier games on my Vita, and now I will get them on the slightly bigger screen of the Switch! By now Gust has changed  the Western name from Atelier Lydie & Soeur to Atelier Lydie & Suelle. A release date is yet to be announced.

This is the background story to the game: Lydie and Suelle aim to run the best Atelier in the country. Contrary to their big ambitions, the two go through troubled everyday lives. One day, while working on synthesis, they hear a voice coming from the basement. While wondering what’s going on, they decide to check out the basement that their father told them to “never enter.” The sisters find a mysterious painting inside the basement. And while looking at the painting, they get pulled into a world inside the painting. 

Stardew Valley for Switch is getting close

Things are going well for Stardew Valley: last week it was submitted to Nintendo for testing and certification! This means if all is approved, it could reach us in the eShop soon. I hope it does, I’m very curious about this game. I haven’t seen it in action yet even though there are various versions on various consoles now. 

Konami teases New Love Plus for Mobile

A couple of years ago I tried my hand at New Love Plus on my Japanese 3DS. I got bogged down by too much text that I couldn’t translate, so I gave up in the end. If you don’t know the games: It’s a dating sim aimed at young men, and it revolves around a second year High School student who has just been transferred to Towano High School.

It would be fun to see if the game makes it West too, or if it’s too Japanese at its core! You can read more about the game here. 

Layton’s Mystery Journey on 3DS get’s a date

Although the game has been out on mobile for some weeks, Layton’s Mystery Journey got a 3DS release date: October 6 it will be on the shelves for those of you who have waited! 

That’s it for now. I think many of you are super exited about Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle. Next Friday (September 8) Monster Hunter Stories will finally reach us on the 3DS. I hope to get my gaming mojo back this week, because there are so many good games coming. I guess we are set for the rest of the gaming year with all the news of games coming!

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