Handheld gaming news week 4

Back again for another week of handheld gaming news. It’s been a cold week in the Netherlands but a good kind of cold. It’s freezing but sunny during the daytime. Beats dreary rainy days! This upcoming weekend is special for us, as we will be welcoming our new four footed friend this Sunday. Looking forward to it!

Lots of gaming news again, so grab a cup and join me in gaming chat!

Dragon Quest Builders free DLC

I’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Quest Builders again, picking up where I left off in Rimuldar. Just las night I was finally able to defeat the Hades Condor. A fight I was dreading! I was prompted into this fanatic gaming frenzy by a post in a Facebook group dedicated to the game, reminding us to download the free DLC.

In the PSN store you can get yourself some cool and weird looking blocks and whatnot to use in free play. It’s called the retro building pack. You’ll need the code that’s in Square Enix’s news letters, which you can find here.

I am Setsuna at launch on the Switch

I am Setsuna, the RPG that had already been released on the PS4 and the Vita (Japan only) will be available as launch title on the Switch on March 3. It will only be available digitally in Europe and America. Still, it’s one of the titles I’d been hoping for on the Switch!

More news about Blue Reflection

Gust’s new RPG will soon be available in Japan for the PS4 and the Vita, so new trailers reach us weekly. The game looks great, in the style of Atelier games.

The battle system revolves around the Reflectors (magical girls) using a source of energy called “Ether” that comes from emotions. It’s a turn based battle with live action elements. All kinds of moves are involved, depending on the girls abilities. You can even use a special Guard move called “Reflect” which basically uses up your Ether to bring out a shield and reflect enemy attacks.

Looks good, even though I’ve never seen a heroine bring her teddy bear to the battlefield!

Animal Crossing Valentines Cards

Valentines Day is getting close, which is good. We definitely need more love in this world. A blogging friend of mine featured little Animal Crossing gift cards on her blog, which got me looking around the web.You can find the sweet gift cards here in the blog of Dirt Poor Duchess.
And the ones I found on Play Nintendo here.

Final Fantasy World Sora DLC

With the launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter on the PS4 players of Final Fantasy World can get Sora as free DLC in their game. You just have to visit the PSN Store and download him, so you can equip his Champions medal. You don’t have to hurry: he is available till March 31.


Sun and Moon can now be used with the PokéBank

If you have a subscription to the PokéBank, you can now upload your precious critters from Pokémon Sun and Moon too. And to celebrate this, the Pokémon Company is giving out Mew’s Z-Crystal, Mewnium Z, to all Pokémon Bank users. When given to a Mew, this Z-Crystal will unlock its ability to use the Z-Move Genesis Supernova.

Utawarerumono heading West

Difficult name to remember, right? This snippet of news caught my eye, although I must confess I haven’t heard of the games before. But the trailer looks intriguing, as does the storyline. Two of the Utawarerumono games are being released in the Americas and Europe. Atlus has picked up two Utawarerumono games for the PS4 and the Vita. They will be called Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth. The Mask of Deception will appear in spring 2017, while the Mask of Truth will arrive later in 2017.

Mask of Deception follows the adventures of a man named Haku, who finds himself alone in the wilderness with no memories. It’s there that Kuon, a demi-human with animal ears and a tail, finds him. Since Haku is unexpectedly weak, Kuon steps up to help him out. The two get caught up in a story filled with battles and political intrigue. Mask of Truth follows up on the story with what is said to be a thrilling end.

Check out the video that I’ve pasted at the bottom of the blog if you’re curious too:

Enough for one week I think. I think I will go and finish Thalamus’ puzzles in Rimuldar, and follow up on a little mystery in Root Letter. So, thank you for joining me. Have a happy gaming weekend!



  1. Ya know, as soon as I finished Pokemon Moon, the PokeBank update went live. But now I’m totally burned out with Pokemon and need a break! I had played Yellow on the virtual console earlier this year and was looking forward to using some of my old champions, but I suppose I’ll have to save them for my next run which will be on my copy of Pokemon Sun!

    I wonder why they do that – delay Pokemon transfers for so many months? Maybe to even the playing field for new players battling or something?

    1. That might be it. I can’t think of another reason, as technically it should be an easy change, right? I have Pokébank as well, but I must admit that it’s a bit of a chore to use it. Not very user friendly!

      1. Oh boy, Pokebank frustrated me to no end. All I wanted to do is move my legendaries to the bank and it took like 5 game relaunches, updates, everything. Not to mention having to sign up on their website. Not user friendly in the slightest!

  2. Ooh, I’ll have to check out that free DLC for Dragon Quest Builders. I’m also very happy that Pokebank is finally up and have already transferred over my little critters from the last several generations!

    1. I haven’t yet. Like I discussed on here with another reader, PokéBank doesn’t work in a very user friendly way to me. It always takes some gearing up to go back in again, lol.

  3. I just transferred over all my Pokemon from PokeBank! I have them organized by legendary, competitive Pokemon, helpful Pokemon (ones that have false swipe and thief), shiny, Eeveelutions (because I love them so), and everything else! I saw the anime of Utawarerumono a long time ago and it was really good. That’s really cool that the title is coming out in English.

    1. Ohhh you are very organized! Wouldn’t it be great if they’d somehow tie PokéBank into Pokémon Go? Now that would be something!

      I was wondering Utawarerumono had a 17+ advice though?

      1. The first Utawarerumono visual novel game was an eroge PC game that was later ported to PlayStation consoles. I read somewhere the ported version had cut out some of the sexual content. The anime itself didn’t have sexual content even though it was based on the game, but still had a high rating for the violence.(This also happened to the Fate/Stay Night series) I did a little searching on Google and saw that this second game is not considered an eroge title, so it can’t be that bad.

  4. Thank you for the Animal Crossing Valentine’s card! I don’t celebrate it, but this really makes me want to celebrate Valentine’s!!! 🙂

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