Handheld Gaming News week 40

Hello my friend, come on in and share a nice cup of coffee. It’s time to chat about Handheld Gaming again. With the Switch added to the array of handheld devices, it’s a great time to focus on gaming on portable devices! The Switch has all kinds of action going on, with Splatoon 2 and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom and there are more and more games flocking to Nintendo’s success console. For me, this week was special, with the release in the eShop of Stardew Valley.

Started up my Stardew Valley farm called Sendaria

No surprise there, as I always call every farm I make in every game Sendaria. Do you know where the name comes from? It’s the land where Garion grows up in the books  by David Edddings. A series of books about Belgarion, with Polgara and Belgarath the wizards. Epic books! Anyway, if you want to read my first thoughts on Stardew Valley you can find it here. 

There seem to have been some little problems for players that will soon be remedied by and update for the Switch. I haven’t noticed it myself, but this is what the developer Chucklefish writes:

  • Audio crackling – Some players have been reporting a crackling noise coming out of the left speaker on the Switch during gameplay. If this happens to you, try closing the application and re-starting!
  • Unable to select certain items in crafting menu – specifically, some players have reported not being able to select items on the bottom right. (For a temp-workaround players can disable the option ‘Use controller-style menus’ – that should allow players to select things until a fix is distributed.)
  • Journey of the Prairie King minigame A/B inputs are swapped.
  • Game crash when opening the journal if there are no active quests

Holiday Gift guide Nintendo

With the Holidays getting closer, Nintendo has made a Holiday Gift guide. Though if you follow the gaming news, you are likely to know what games are coming that suit your fancy. Still, it’s a great idea to point your loved ones to the Nintendo guide, and gently nudge them to the presents you would like!

Here’s the link! 

My Time at Portia Kickstarter

For the first time in my life I pledged some money towards a kickstarter! You see, the developers have outlined what they want to bring to this sim-RPG, and is just sounds like they’ve taken all my favorite parts in gaming and melded them together.

My Time at Portia is now in development for a beta test in Steam for the backers, but the Pathea  wants to go further. The aim is to ultimately bring the game not only to Steam but also to the gaming consoles. I’ve written a piece about it, you’ll find it here. The Kickstarter ends in a couple of days, so I’ll keep you updated!

Edit: the $100.000 goals has already been reached with three more days to go! Guess now it’s time for the stretch goals!

Release Layton’s Mystery Journey on 3DS

The newest game in the series, Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy has been released last week on the 3DS. Of course, it came to mobile in July, but this version on the 3DS is the most complete for its money. No add ons to buy to get more puzzles, plus a lot of fans didn’t want to break with the tradition of playing these games on the 3DS which is so well suited for it.

On a side note, Level-5 announced that a new game in the series is in development for late Summer 2018. No console is specified, could it be for the Switch? 

Tale of Two Towns re-made for 3DS

In a surprising move, Marvelous will release an updated version of Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns in Japan. Bokujou Monogatari: Futago no Mura+ (as it’s called originally) for Nintendo 3DS will be available on 14 December in Japan. No news yet if this game will come West. I do wonder why they picked this one. Grand Bazaar would have been my preferred choice, or A New Beginning. Still, nice to see there’s interest in the Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons games. Read my article about it here. 

Q&A for Harvest Moon Light of Hope

The new game from Natsume for the Switch is getting closer to completion. On Tumblr, CeeCee from Natsume is answering questions about the game. If you want to be surprised by the time it comes to the Switch, don’t click the link. If you want to know more, here’s the link to CeeCee’s Tumblr HMLOH, light of hope, havest moon

Harvest Moon t-shirts on Amazon

Recently I read that there are Harvest Moon t-shirts for sale on Amazon.com. Talk about a good Christmas present! Doesn’t it look good? Here’s the link if you consider getting one! 

That’s it again for this week. For me, it’s back to Stardew Valley and to another game I’m reviewing that’ll reach the Switch eShop soon. Have fun gaming my friend, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you again next week!



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