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Handheld gaming news, week 42

Another week done and gone. For me, a sad week as we had to let Scotty go after being together for 14,5 years. But also a week with important handheld gaming news, as Nintendo finally gave us some insight in their next generation console, the Nintendo Switch. Have you seen that bit of news? Wait, let me get you a cup of coffee, and we can sit down and chat gaming!

I wrote my first thoughts about the new combination in console and handheld gaming yesterday (find them here). There hasn’t been much more news, as Nintendo is keeping quiet. They did share however that there won’t be any backwards compatibility with WiiU discs nor 3DS cartridges, which is such a pity! I had high hopes that we would be able to play 3DS games on the Switch too, but I guess not. Although, it’s still possible that we can play digitally downloaded games on it. Nothing to do but wait and see.

World of Final Fantasy demo

Have you downloaded the demo for World of Final Fantasy? The game is due next Tuesday (October 25 in Europe and America) so you’ve got a chance to get a first peek. You’ll get a chance to collect your first Mirages (you imprism them) while you explore a dungeon. The demo is fairly short, but it will give you a good idea of what the game is about. Plus a chance to battle and win “Magitek Armor P” in the game’s coliseum at launch. I haven’t played many Final Fantasy games, but I’m fairly sure fans of the series will find familiar faces. world of final fantasy, Tidus

Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Dancing in Illusion

Gust is a company that I keep an eye on, because they develop one of my favorite series: the Atelier series. So when I read they are working on a new game I paid attention! The new game is called Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Dancing in Illusion. It’s an RPG where you follow a trio of schoolgirls that can turn into Sailor Moon-like creatures. this is what Siliconera writes about it:

Due to the aftereffects of an injury, protagonist Hinako Shirai can no longer do ballet which she loves. She meets two girls, named Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou. The two girls will help Hinako with various advice, as she can’t seem to fit in with school life. As Hinako spends her everyday school life with Yuzuki and Raimu, we’ll see her go through various travels and interactions with the school girls as she matures.

The troubles and concerns of the students aren’t just something from the real world, but they also exist in an “Different World,” a world of collective human unconsciousness, where you’ll find what may be causing some of these problems. In order to fix these problems, Hinako and the others will go into this Different World as Reflectors.

Ti fix the problems, you’ll need to find “Fragments,” crystallized thoughts that are found in the Different World. The Different World is basically one’s mind itself, and Hinako and the others will face various challenges as they take them on.

Looks good, right? I’ll keep an eye on it!

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

Last week I mentioned the news that we might soon hear about a release for Atelier Shallie Plus for the PS4 and the Vita. Well, the game will be released in both Europe and America in January 2017. While North America will only get the standard version through a digital release and Europe will get both physical and digital versions, the Limited Edition version will be available physically for both regions.

The Limited Edition includes the game, of course, and in the collector’s box you will find the soundtrack, a microfibre cloth and a 48-page softcover art book.atelier shallie

Fantasy Life Online

We already knew Level-5 was developing a new Fantasy Life for mobile. The game will be launched in April 2017 as Fantasy Life Online. Level-5 says is not exactly Fantasy Life 2, but rather a completely new Fantasy Life title. Although I really wanted the new title to be for the 3DS, I must admit I’m curious about this one!Fantasy Life online

Special demo Pokémon Sun and Moon is available in eShop

As you might have already downloaded: the special demo for Pokémon Sun and Moon is available in the Nintendo eShop. I already wrote about your travels in the demo with Ash-Greninja. This is the form Greninja takes when it has gained new power due to the miraculous occurrence known as the bond phenomenon. He bonded with Ash of course. When you complete your adventure with him, you can move him over to the full game once that is released in November!

It seems though that there are more items to be obtained in the demo when you play it through. Some dates have already passed, but there is still enough to be won for the really diligent fans!
This is taken from Siliconera:

There are three additional rewards you can immediately earn in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo after earning your Ash-Greninja. If you head to Ten Carat Hill after getting the ability to ride on a Tauros, you can catch three Pokémon during the Pokémon Catching Challenge to earn a Nugget and fight four trainers to earn a Star Piece. When you’re actually in Hau’oli City, you can head south of the Pokémon Center to visit Mahalo Trail and get three Stardusts.

The other items will appear in the Pokémon Sun and Moon demo on certain dates. A man outside Hau’oli City’s Pokémon Center asks you to visit him on October 19, 2016 and will give you 10 Pretty Wings when you do. You can talk with the woman next to the Melemele Ferry Terminal sign on October 23, 2016 for a second event. In the City Hall, a man with a Pikachu will celebrate its birthday on October 30, 2016.

An event will happen with the police officer outside of the Ferry Terminal on November 5, 2016. Finally, on November 11, 2016, you can talk to the woman near the benches on the right side of the Ferry Terminal to wish her well on her trip. Note that these days assume you began playing Pokemon Sun and Moon’s demo on October 18, 2016, the day it launched. If you began at a later date, you can meet the man outside the Pokemon Center for 10 Pretty Wings one day after you first play, see the woman by the ferry sign five days after, meet the man in City Hall 12 days later, talk to the cop by the marina 18 days later, and see the woman inside the ferry station 24 days later.


Enough for this week, right? There’s so much going on in handheld gaming, that it’s hard to keep up. Do you have any special plans in gaming this weekend? I’m currently playing a lot of Dragon Quest Builders, a game which I thoroughly enjoy. And I still have Yo-Kai Watch 2 to complete, the Pokémon Demo and Disney Magical World 2 waiting for me. A luxury problem, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading and happy gaming!





  1. Very nice! I enjoyed that Pokemon Sun and Moon demo and am excited! Less than a month to go! I need to try out that World of Final Fantasy demo too. That Nintendo Switch reveal was so big that I feel like I haven’t even been focusing on the games now. I’m just so excited for what’s coming, especially as a big handheld gamer! I’m also trying to get through a bunch of the Yo-kai Watch 2 postgame. After that, I’m probably going to go back to Dragon Quest VII. Again, I need to get Builders when I’m done with that, which is hopefully before Sun/Moon. So many great games!

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