Handheld Gaming News week 44

Time again to sit down, grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and talk about this weeks Handheld Gaming News. No doubt for many of you it was a week of playing Super Mario Odyssey. The game is the fastest selling Mario game ever. In Europe, more copies were sold in the launch weekend then Super Mario Galaxy 2 sold back then. On top of that, it’s the fastest selling Switch game in the world. Review scores are sky-high too, scoring 97/100 on average.

Sometimes I’m sorry that Mario games just aren’t for me. No matter though, I’m still having an awesome time playing Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley: next update will speed up saving times

Talking about Stardew Valley: the developer is still hard at work behind the screens to fix some bugs with a new patch. No date for the patch yet, but we do know that the update will vastly improve the saving speed. Though it’s no great annoyance to me, the saving time is indeed a bit long for a modern day game. I wish they’d make the fishing a bit easier. I have caught 0 fish yet, although I do try from time to time!

Style Savvy Styling Star Christmas surprise

Although American fans has to wait many months to get their hands on the current Style Savvy title, Fashion Forward, they won’t have to wait this long for the new entry. Style Savvy Styling Star will release on December 25. A month after the European release, so not bad. Want to read a bit more about the fourth title in the series? Check it out here.  

Level-5 mobile RPG is called Otome Hero

This winter, a new mobile game will find it’s way to Japan by developer Level-5. The name of the game has been trademarked in Europe too, so I guess we will eventually get to enjoy the game too. Otome Hero, or Otmé Hero (that’s the name that was recently trademarked in Europe) revolves around the 24 Slayers that you’ll get to pick as a partner at the start.

From there, you’ll create teams of three Slayers to participate in real-time battles that will have you compete in a race to defeat monsters quicker than your rivals for the win. As the player in Otome Hero, you’ll use items and activate skills as you support the Slayers. By getting closer to the Slayers, you’ll also get to see different sides to them as well.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update in Australia

We’ve talked about this new Nintendo mobile game on here in the past weeks. The game is expected at the end of November, but it has been soft-launched in Australia. Now, there’s an update too, which is to be expected: Nintendo is testing the waters, so I expect we will see some more updates before world wide release. This update brings more log-in bonuses, new goals and new, limited, crafting items.

If you want to know more about the game, you might want to read the review Brian from Japanesenintendo.com has made. (find it here

Alliance Alive special edition

Expected to be released in 2018, 3DS RPG Alliance Alive will get a special release version in America.  This version will be available with first run copies and will give people a Nintendo 3DS cartridge with the game, a 20-track CD soundtrack, a 30-page art book, and a keychain featuring a Robbins penguin. No news yet if Europe will get this edition too.

Soundtrack for Atelier Lydie & Suelle

If you’ve played as many Atelier games as I have, you will know that they are normally accompanied by upbeat, uptempo music. For me the tunes are instantly recognisable and bring back happy memories. Now the original soundtrack/vocal two-disc album is releasing on December 20 in Japan a day before the launch of game. The day after that, Japan will get the game on PS4, the PS Vita and the Switch. Europe and America will follow early 2018. Below here is a sample of the tracks.

SoS Trio of Towns DLC will reach America soon

Only recently, the newest game in the Harvest Moon/ Story of Season series, Trio of Towns reached Europe. But as the game has been out in America for some months now, American fans will be happy to hear that the promised DLC is near. The DLC arrives on November 9 in North America for $7.99. We’ll also be seeing a new theme for the game on the same day for $1.99.

You will need to download a free 1.1 update for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns first, in order to access the DLC. When you do this, you will get four new outfits, which include Lest and Frey’s attire from Rune Factory 4. Other then that, the update contains some gameplay improvements.

The debate: Digital or Physical in gaming

It’s been busy here on Ladiesgamers.com because of two articles giving a choice. Do you download your games, which seems to be the future of gaming. Or do you hold your physical game cartridges and boxes dear, and can’t imagine live without your beautiful collection to look at. Want to join in the discussion: Below, here’s the link to the articles. But before I let you go, thank you once again for reading. And: Happy Gaming!



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