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Handheld Gaming News, week 44

Hello there my friend. Time for our weekly cup of coffee. And time to share of last weeks handheld gaming news. Well, sit down. What kind of coffee would you like, or do you prefer tea? Here goes!

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo

What a special week for us Animal Crossing fans! The Nintendo Mini Direct that aired on November 2nd was highly anticipated. What I didn’t expect however was that the update to Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo was live then and there! I hastened to collect all special new features in this blog (click here), and have had fun exploring all the new features since then.

I know I drone on about it, but frankly I’m amazed at the level of detail Nintendo is striving for again. Let me give you an example. Yesterday I scanned Reese’s Amiibo, and Whisp took on her appearance for a while. He told me he’d make sure she was at Harv’s Camp Site if I went there. He was right of course, she had her little pick RV parked right there. Going back into town I passed by her Recycle Store. And got curious: would she be in two places at the same time? Nope, Nintendo had it all covered: Whisp had taken her place! And that my friends, that level of detail, is what I love about Nintendo!

Dragon Quest Builders Terra Incognita

This week I made my review of this awesome game, Dragon Quest Builders (find the review here), a game that makes for hours and hours of gaming fun. Plus, it has a free play mode, where you can just let your creativity roam. Siliconera, a site that I follow daily for my own fix of gaming news, called out to DQB players that had reached the free play of Terra Incognita. Asking them to share their summon codes to show off to the world what they had constructed. You will find some of the entries here, be amazed in what can be done in the game. DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS_20161023214428

Popolocrois announced for mobile

On their 20th anniversary Twitter account, developers of PopoloCrois announced that the game will be heading to smartphone in 2017. The last game in the series, PopoloCrois, a Story of Seasons Fairytale on the 3DS got the game some attention. (Find my review of that game here) It will be interesting to see what they make of a smartphone title. popolocrois, ladiesgamers, rpg, story of seasons

Big update coming for MiiTomo

Nintendo has seen users of the mobile game MiiTomo, which was their first sojourn into the smartphone game market, decline for some time now. I hardly visit it anymore either, it just seemed so much work to keep up with. And honestly, I was a bit disappointed because what I really wanted was something to replace Swapnote that we had on the 3DS.

Now, a big update is announced that might just be closer to my original expectations. Here’s what they are changing:

  • You will be able to send messages directly to your friends.
  • Customize your room with new flooring and wallpapers.
  • Hang your favorite images on your room’s walls as posters.
  • The ability to share your outfits with the world through “Style Central” and answer publicly posted questions in “Answer Central.”
  • Plus you can create “Sidekick Mii” characters, complete with their own customizable rooms.

I will keep an eye on it, this might be a good development!miitomo big update,

Boost for Amiibo collectors

It would seem that not just Animal Crossing amiibo work in AC New Leaf. We’ve learned in the Nintendo Direct broadcast that Amiibo for Zelda and Splatoon work too. I was very pleased to hear that Monster Hunter Stories Amiibo work too! It will bring a cool MH RV to your campground. Of course, the MH Stories Amiibo are only available in Japan for now. monster-hunter-stories, amiibo

Aside from that, the Sanrio special Amiibo cards have been confirmed for Europe for November 25. I haven’t heard of an American release yet. But I do know, all of this has awakened my need to collect amiibo cards and figurines again! special amiibo cards, animal crossing

That’s it for this week, I guess you can read my enthusiasm about the new update all through this blog, right? So, for me it will be New Leaf and Dragon Quest Builders this weekend. But there are just so many good games to chose from at the moment. I have some waiting in the wings that I haven’t even given much time yet. What are you planning on playing?

Happy gaming!


  1. Glad to hear Miitomo’s getting more content!

    By the way, have you heard of Miitopia yet? It’s another Mii-themed game, as the title suggests, and there’s only so much information on it at the moment. It’s releasing in Japan on December 8th, just to let you know. There is this trailer thing on the Japanese E-Shop, and I found a video showcasing with some closed-captions english subs. It looks like an interesting game so far. If you need the links, Here you go.

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