Handheld Gaming News week 47

It’s a good year to be a gamer, don’t you agree? Lots of good games to choose from, many great gaming consoles to choose from. The only thing getting in your way will be the amount of money you want to or can spend on your hobby. The amount of time available to game can be a bottleneck too! My work has been crazy busy lately, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sit down and share some handheld gaming news.

Today is a joyous day for us, as Sammy turned 1 today. We celebrated by giving her a huge bone, as she is very much a fan of chewing on bones. Strange how that can vary from one dog to the next, as Scotty never cared for bones of any sort at all. Of course, she didn’t come live with us until the end of January, so I guess by that time, a celebration is in order again. But now, back to handheld gaming news.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp released

This week, the mobile Animal Crossing game was released world wide. The free to play game was a great success for Nintendo from day one. It was the number one downloaded game and in the top 10 of highest grossing games almost immediately. However, the release wasn’t without any problems. It has also met with some technical difficulties though.

Due to server issues that have been plaguing the game since launch, Nintendo is even given out 20 leaf tickets to all users as an apology. If you are playing it, you have no doubt seen the communication errors appear, causing you to restart your game. Or wait a while, and then check in. Usually the problems just go away. Let’s hope they manage to stabilise everything soon!

Poll Famitsu to find next console purchase

Japanese gaming Magazine polled its readers to find which gaming console they intend to buy next. They got 724 responses in total, but of course, more then half of them don’t have any plans to buy a new console (389). The rest of them gave these answers (and 32 people answered ‘ other’). The Switch is still doing nicely! (Thanks Japanesenintendo.com!)

  1. Nintendo Switch – 123
  2. PlayStation 4 Pro – 62
  3. PlayStation 4 – 41
  4. New Nintendo 2DS LL – 23
  5. Xbox One X – 20
  6. PlayStation Vita – 16
  7. New Nintendo 3DS – 9
  8. Xbox One S – 9

Release New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star

This week also saw the release of New Style Boutique 3 – Styling Star in Europe on the 3DS. In this fourth game in the series you will once again get to manage your own shop. A while in, you are approached by the talent agency Nin10 Productions, who need a stylist for their up-and-coming pop stars. You will help guide the three young singers on their road to stardom, designing outfits for them and assisting as they find their own identities.

Mens wear is back, but this time the game isn’t on the same clock as real life, which is a pity. The third game, Fashion Forward, has some extras in the miniature house, and collecting miniature furniture. This time though, you can design clothes and do some nail art too.

America will have to wait a bit longer. The new Style Savvy will be released, digital only, on December 25.

Switch first Christmas celebrated with a trailer

Nintendo celebrates the Switch’s first Christmas with a special trailer. Sort of like Baby’s first Christmas, but a bit different, lol. I bet they are super happy with their newest hybrid console/handheld, it’s done very, very good. Check out the Christmas Showcase 2017 below.

Progress Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando

I’ve mentioned before, that Universal Studios in Orlando will get a Nintendo World in the future. We visit Universal once every couple of years, being fans of the amusement parks ourselves, and this will be a great addition after Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. The Nintendo World would originally occupy the KidZone behind the Simpson’s area.

However, permits were recently released that the Mario Kart and Donkey Kong sections will be a part of a large 8.8 Acre piece of land. The sheer size means that it might likely be expanding outside of the KidZone. Let’s hope the E.T. Experience won’t be demolished to make room!


World of Final Fantasy on smartphone

Another good game title is getting a separate title on Smartphone: Square Enix has announced World of Final Fantasy Meli-Melo on iOS and Android. A year ago I enjoyed World of Final Fantasy a lot, it was a first for me. It will be fun to collect Mirages and have stacked battles again on my smartphone. Read more about what it’s all about here. 

Successor to Stardew Valley gets a working title: Spellbound

Last month magazine PCGamer had an interview with the CEO of Chucklefish, Finn Brice, to see how the new RPG is coming along. The Magic School RPG got the working title Spellbound. It’s still early in the development, it still could take some years to release the game. Read more about the interview here. 

That’s all again for this week. I’m still playing Stardew Valley, but I’m also back in Breath of the Wild, fighting the Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Maybe I’ll even get one of the champion Amiibo for Christmas! Anyway, happy gaming this week, and thanks for reading!


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