Handheld Gaming News week 5

With the month of January done and gone, the year is well underway. Lots of Handheld Gaming news to share this week, with new titles for the 3DS, Vita and mobile. And only one more month to go before the Switch is released. A good time to be a gaming fanatic!

For us, the year couldn’t have started any better. Sammy has joined our family and reminded us what it’s like to have a pup in the house. She keeps us alert and vigilant, but she’s such a bundle of joy that it’s totally worth it. She’s so cute and funny and every inch a Yorkshire Terrier. Which means she is clever, joyful and courageous. People I meet are surprised by her different colouring, just like I was when we fist heard that Yorkies don’t just come in the traditional colours.

Animal Crossing for mobile

Although I’m happy with the new Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile, I was very disappointed to hear that Animal Crossing for mobile is delayed. Yet again! Nintendo stated that it’s pushed back to the next fiscal year for them. This means it could be anywhere from April 1st this year till March 31st next year.

Now I know games hardly ever get released sooner then expected, but this makes me a bit angry. It feels like they don’t take the Animal Crossing fans seriously. While I think it’s potentially a huge public to appreciate this casual kind of gaming.

Nintendo Q3 report: proof that mobile games work

Nintendo published their quarterly report last week, and being in finances myself in my daily life, I couldn’t resist to check it out. The next paragraph stood out to me:

During the nine months ended December 31, 2016, the worldwide release of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon generated buzz and led to blockbuster sales of 14.69 million units. The release of the smart device application Pokémon GO led to increased sales of software in the Pokémon series released in the past and drove Nintendo 3DS family hardware sales growth, particularly outside of Japan. The worldwide sales volume for Nintendo 3DS hardware this period was 6.45 million units (10% increase on a year-on-year basis), while Nintendo 3DS software sales were 46.78 million units (20% increase on a year-on-year basis).

Now to me this means what I’ve said here all along: although many fans don’t appreciate the fact that Nintendo is bringing games to iOS and Android, it’s a smart move business-wise. Just look at the increase in Pokémon software sales! About 17% of Pokémon Sun and Moon players were trying a Pokémon title on the 3DS for the first time.


Oceanhorn will make the switch from mobile to the Switch

A mobile game that I’ve mentioned here before, Oceanhorn: Master of the Uncharted Seas made the leap before to Steam. And now the game, that is clearly inspired by Zelda, will be released on the Nintendo Switch. I never tried the game myself, but it seems the game is an ultimate form of flattery. It will be interesting to see how the game holds up against the real thing! 

YoKai Watch 2 releasedate Europe

Well, finally! The second title in the YoKai Watch series has a releasedate for Europe: April 7! This title, that corrected all minor flaws of the first title, has been available for some time in America, but now all fans will be able to play the game!

Atelier Firis has an Atelier tent! 

Only one month away, Atelier Firis will be released in March. This brand new title, successor to Atelier Sophie, adds some new features. Firis can synthesize anywhere, thanks to an Atelier Tent she can set up anywhere on her journey. It’s even possible to decorate it. Once inside the Atelier Tent, she can not only make standard items, but Mass Synthesis creations. These larger than usual items let her make items like bridges or boats to reach new areas. It is also possible to use Catalysts during fusions, to improve the resulting item’s nature and add perks.
By the way, if you pre-order the PS4 version of the game from Amazon, Best Buy, EB Games or GameStop, you’ll get a Resort Vacation costume that makes it easier to find better quality items while gathering and a Wonderland costume that decreases fast traveling and synthesis times. I can only hope Vita players get this chance too!

MiiTomo gets a big update

The first mobile game Nintendo published a year ago gets another big update. I still use the app, if only to chat back and forth with some friends. And be amazed at the fun answers and outrageous outfits my friends have. Now, Nintendo wants to bring the app back into the limelight too with a big update. This is what’s added:

  • A “Miifoto Log” feature, where you’ll be able to post Miifotos or images from your device with comments.
  • The ability to attach images to your answers.
  • The addition of a customizable Bio in your Profile.
  • When sending a friend request, you’ll be able to attach a message.
  • Wallpaper or flooring will be available for use as backgrounds in Miifotos.
  • You’ll be able to select the outfit your Mii character wears when delivering a message.
  • Daily items will not include selectable color variations.

Well, enough for this week! Although my gaming time was a bit limited this week, I did enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes. The gameplay with the grid based battles works well on the small screen. Better then I had anticipated. It’s a pity that the heroes that you summon are purely up to chance, but on the other hand, it nice to be surprised too.

Thank you for reading, and happy gaming this weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, Sammy is so cute! Congrats on your new 4 legged family member! <3 I'm bummed the Animal Crossing release was pushed back too! The dates are way too vague for me to be excited about it 🙁

      1. I know, and that kind of scares me. I’ll be really disappointed if it ends up being one of those games where it’s free to start but then you have to spend real money to get items or villagers you want 🙁

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