Handheld Gaming News week 50

Why hello my friend, come on in! Time again to look at this weeks Handheld Gaming News. A busy time of year when time for playing video games is often at a premium. At least, it is for me. the Christmas tree has been up for some time, luckily, but there is still a lot to do in decorating the house. And making the menu for our guests on First Christmas Day. And finishing my projects at work, as everyone tends to get antsy. As if there will be no time to finish things after the Holidays. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

On the other hand, the Christmas Holidays will give us ample time for gaming, right? So let’s check out what news stood out to me this week, leading up to the celebrations.

Smartphone cases from My Nintendo

Wow, those Japanese are lucky again! JapaneseNintendo.com alerted me once again to some Japan only goodies. Look at these lovely smartphone cases from My Nintendo. They will cost 50 Gold points each.

There’s a Limited Pochi Bag envelope with a 8bit Mario design that they can get for free, you just need to pay the postage.

The Smartphone Cases have a 30% discount with four Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp designs on offer. There is also a tempting Splatoon Grizzco Industries case along with a The Legend of Zelda design available.

We can only hope they come to our western My Nintendo too!

Super long Japanese trailer for Hacker’s Memory

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was my first Digimon game that I enjoyed immensely. Hacker’s Memory, the follow-up, is looking just as good and is also coming west.

This time around, though, the game focuses on hacker prodigy Keisuke Amazawa, who must use his skills and join up with hacker group Hudie to prove himself innocent of a crime he didn’t commit.

Check out this super long trailer!

Mario themed plushies at Build-a-Bear

Build-a-Bear has featured more then once in this Handheld Gaming News because of the Pokémon plushies. Now, the company has announced a partnership with Nintendo to bring us Mario plushies as well, along with lots of accessories and pre-stuffed buddies.

Theres 16 inch Mario Bear with his sewn-on overalls, iconic mustache and a Super Mario logo on his paw pad. A Super Mario Bros. Theme Song sound chip is also available.

King of the Koopas Bowser in furry form…who would have thought! With his awesome back shell and a cool Super Mario graphic on the paw pad, 15-inch Bowser is a great addition to the collection, especially with his 5-in-1 Sounds.

And last but not least, there’s Yoshi too!

New Etrian Odyssey game in the make for the 3DS

There’s a brand new Etrian Odyssey game in development for the Nintendo 3DS that is expected Spring 2018. There’s not much known yet about the game, bit we do know that it won’t be Etrian Odyssey 3 [Untold]. It is said to be a “true culmination” of the series, with a lot of map drawing and it will have surprising content. Curious!

Nintendo wants to boost their mobile presence

It’s no secret Nintendo has been successful in their mobile efforts so far. Consumers are happy, and it’s been very lucrative for the Kyoto-based company too. Maybe no surprise that the company is looking to expand tie-ups with software developers to strengthen its smartphone game lineup.

In addition to DeNA they want to collaborate with other software developers to raise the pace of new titles. They don’t plan to take ownership stakes in its new partners this time. Rumor has it that Nintendo has talked with GungHo Online Entertainment Inc., but a GungHo spokeswoman denied these talks. Analysts believe Nintendo will team with Tencent Holdings Ltd. on mobile games in China.

Release date in the West for Alliance Alive

Atlus has announced that The Alliance Alive, originally launched on the 3DS in Japan back in June this year, will be making its way to the West on 27th March, 2018.

On its release in the West next year, North America will be getting a launch edition which will contain a copy of the game, a collector’s box, art book, CD soundtrack, and keychain. For now at least, it looks as though Europe will be getting a digital download version of the title.

Update Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The massive JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) is getting an update on December 20. Some bug-fixing going on, but the most important one might be the improvements they made to the mini-map overlay, improving the visibility of your surroundings. Now I’m awful at finding my way around in a game, and the current map is no use whatsoever.

Those who have purchased the downloadable content will get the following update with bonus items:

  • Driver’s Essentials Set: Rare Core Crystal (x10), Legendary Core Crystal (x1), Overdrive (x3)
  • Materials for Poppy: Ether Crystals (x30 000)
  • Pyra’s Favourite Pouch Item: Jenerossi Tea (x5)
  • Nia’s Favourite Pouch Item: Ardainian Bear Carving (x5)

Winter Isabelle nendoroid is being released again

For the second time an Isabelle Nendoroid has received a re-release. This original winter-Isabelle Nendoroid appeared in November 2013, then received an April 2016 rerelease. This version of the Isabelle Nendoroid comes with an entirely new outfit and new faceplates. She has a smiling face, a proud expression, special effects, and additional arm parts for the original Isabelle Nendoroid. (thanks for the tip, Japanesenintendo.com)

Polls voting for your favourite Handheld Game of 2017 are up

In case you missed it, the polls to vote for your favourites in the categories 3DS, Vita, Mobile and Switch are up. In the last week of the year the results will be published here on LadiesGamers.com. So join in, and vote for your perfect game of 2017!

Find the four polls through these links:

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Best 3DS game of 2017

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Thanks once again for reading. And if you manage to find the game between decorating the tree and wrapping the presents, then Happy Gaming!


  1. I’m really happy about the EO news and to see support for the 3DS well into 2018. I loved Legend of Legacy (got the LE) and was hoping there would be a special edition for EU too … but sadly that sounds not to be the case.

  2. The map in Xenoblade 2 is awful so I welcome any patches that help improve it. Alliance Alive sounds interesting. Good to see that the 3DS is still getting content in 2018, despite the Switch stealing all the limelight lately.

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