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Come on in! It’s cold outside, so I’m guessing you could do with a nice cup of coffee or tea, right? It’s time again to chat about this week’s Handheld Gaming news, so pull up a chair! Before we dive in I can’t resist sharing some puppy love with you all. Sammy says hi! She is in the phase that everything is interesting, and surely worth gnawing at. So you can imagine that sitting down and do some gaming can be a challenge. But who can resist such a lot of cuteness?Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

But anyway, back to gaming news!

Fire Emblem Heroes: great mobile gaming

I’ve had great fun this week playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Perfect for pick-up and play, the amount of Stamina is perfect for that. Only once have I run out of stamina, and the free orbs seem to keep coming. I’m happy with my current team, and happy too that the special maps and special quests keep on coming. Though I’m still working on the main story, these extras make the game even more interesting.  If you want to add me as a friend, here’s my friend code:


Like the retweet event Nintendo hosted last week. They dared the fans had one day to retweet the tweet below 10.000 times. I wonder if they expected the outcome? The event only took minutes to complete! Wow! And, sure enough, the Hero Feathers where delivered promptly in the next update.

By the way, I had to look it up, but it seems you can use the feathers after your heroes are level 20 or higher. You need them for  “Unlocking Potential,” which raises the rating of a hero. And you need a huge amount of them too!

Fortune Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy

I came across the announcement that Fortune Street Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th anniversary edition. To be honest, it doesn’t ring a bell for me, still, the title intrigues me. The Fortune Street games are party video game series originally created by Dragon Quest designer Yuji Horii. It became so popular that Horii decided it should be its own game. In Japan it’s known as Itadaki Street and was a Japan only title until one of them released on the Wii in America in 2011.

It’s a board game that similar to Monopoly, and whats fun this time around is that characters from Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy feature here. The game is announced for PS4 and the Vita. For now though, in Japan only.

Ni no Kuni II coming to PS4

If you followed my site over the years, you’ll know I’m a handheld gamer, and that my loyalty lies mostly with Nintendo. That having been said, I must confess that nowadays most of my gaming is done on the Vita. And (this isn’t easy for me to say) there have been times that I wondered if I might buy a PS4 for my next console.

It’s at times like these that the thought once again crosses my mind: Ni no Kuni II is coming to the PS4 in 2017! To my chagrin, no word on it making it to the Vita as well, though the game will be on the PC too. Now, I’ve played Ni no Kuni before, on the DS. But as it was never released in the West, I played the Japanese game. (Find my thoughts here). the game was awesome, as was the book of spells that came with it. How can the game be anything but gorgeous, with Studio Ghibli designing it?

Interested in Ni no Kuni II too? You will find more about the game in this article on SiliconeraNi no Kuni II, handheld gaming news

DLC for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns?

Are you hyped for the new Story of Seasons title that will be released in America on February 28? I know I am, really looking forward to this one. Interesting to read that XSeed, who is releasing the game, is unsure of how to proceed with the huge amount of DLC that followed the games’ release in Japan.

The DLC launched in Japan over a period of six months for free in a total of four patches and included many new features and additions to the game, including a new Bachelor and Bachelorette, new events, new pets, new costumes, new dialogue, and more. However, the DLC contains roughly 200,000 characters of Japanese text and would take over six figures to localize into English. Just about as much as an entire new game would cost.Handheld gaming news, Story of Seasons DLC

So, XSeed is unsure of how to go about this. Including the DLC in the games release would have pushed the game months back. The base price for Japanese games is higher then in America, and financially XSeed couldn’t cope with bringing the DLC for free. So they will either decide to charge for it, or not bring the DLC at all. And we are looking at a DLC price of $3,99 for each of the three DLC patches. I would definitely go for that. Would you?

Enough for now, I think. I’ve finished my coffee, have you? Wasn’t easy by the way while Sammy was biting in my shoes! Anyway, thank you for reading! Happy gaming weekend!



  1. I would love to add you in Fire Emblem heroes! My Friend ID is: 2622080376. Also, a new Fortune Street with FF and DQ characters sounds awesome! I actually did pick up the Wii one with the Mario and DQ characters. I enjoyed it a little more than Monopoly, but long games of it get very old, just like Monopoly. I mostly enjoyed the fanservice of remixed tracks and playable characters from the crossover franchises.

    Sammy is adorable! What a lovely pup!

    1. I’ve added you! I’ve already convinced one non-Nintendo gamer to give it a try, and he’s loving it. My mission continues, haha!
      At least, with Fortune Street you can’t throw the board across the room when you get angry and despair, lol.

      1. Great, thank you! I’ve convinced my wife to play it too, and although she’s a gamer, she hasn’t tried Fire Emblem before. Lo and behold, she loves FE Heroes so much that she’s been inspired to play Fire Emblem Awakening! Nintendo’s plan of breeding new fans is working, haha. For Fortune Street, you can still throw controllers across the room, not that I recommend anyone do that…

  2. I know I said it last week, but Sammy is just too cute! 😉 I have to admit, Fire Emblem has never been my thing, but I’ve heard so many positive things about Fire Emblem Heroes, I’m considering giving it a try. I can’t wait for Trio of Towns! $3.99 seems like a fair price for the DLC, since it seems like each patch will be quite substantial.

    1. I agree, ill shell out the $3,99 per DLC too. If they addition is so extensive, I’m fine with having to pay. I’m curious what you’ll think of FE Heroes!

  3. Eh? Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch did have western release but for PS3. For this game, I prefer Console over Handheld ( I have both the JP DS and US PS3 version ), the scene is so beautiful on the console. I can’t wait for this game to be release.

      1. Ah.. Yeah for Nintendo, you are so right, there is no Western release. 🙁
        Maybe Level-5 “The Snack world” Plus this “New NiNoKuNi II” might help you decide if it’s worth getting the PS4, lol!

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