1. “I think they should emphasise the handheld gaming aspect more, it is key compared to the other consoles”: I wholeheartedly agree with you on that. That point could also be key in (re)capturing the casual audience, much more so than motion controls: casual gamers already experienced these with the Wii, and they are unlikely to fall for it again, especially a mere ten years after the Wii’s release. The mobile aspect, on the other hand, could drag them in, all the more so as portable gaming tends to be more and more associated with casual gaming due to the rise of smartphone games. I really hope Nintendo will figure this out and bet everything they can on the portability of the Switch; that could include releasing a Switch model with a better battery life down the line, or even a tablet-only version of it, and encouraging developers to release games tailored for portable gaming. Finger crossed!

    1. A tablet only version, now there’s a thought! That’s something I could get behind, I’d love that.
      It disappointed me so much after the initial news about the Switch, that they didn’t highlight the handheld part in the live presentation.
      I’ll join you in crossing my fingers!

  2. I didn’t pre-order the Switch either. It looks cool, but there’s nothing about it that makes me have to have it right now. I told that to my husband, and he said “Yeah, but the second they release an Animal Crossing or Kirby game, you’ll want it!” So true! 😉

    That augmented reality game sounds really interesting! I can’t wait until more info. comes out about it! And I’m glad to see you are enjoyed Trio of Towns! I can’t wait to play it 🙂

  3. Really interesting to get your impressions of the Switch, Yvonne. I was a little surprised to read that you haven’t bought one yet, but after reading on it’s completely understandable why not. It seems like a great piece of kit, but Zelda is undoubtedly the biggest release so far and it’s also a full-featured traditional home console-style game that hardly seems like it’d be up your street. I do think the future looks bright though for Switch in terms of simulations and games that are typically on portables – you mentioned that interesting looking indie game, there’s Stardew Valley, and a Story of Seasons game too.

    I don’t have a Switch yet either by the way – not got the money right now, and with Zelda on Wii U (which I have been able to find a copy of, thankfully) I’m fine with that.

  4. Good to hear about the DLC for Trio of Towns. I’ve been liking it so far. I don’t have a Switch either, but definitely want to check it out when the price comes down. The only game I want so far is the Zelda game, and I can’t justify buying one just for that.

    1. Great to read your positive thoughts in your Tumblr. Although I’ll wait a bit, I really want this console to succeed for Nintendo. And even for me, who has hardly every been able to beat a Zelda game, Breath of the Wild is sounding amazing!

      1. It can be a bit dull because a lot of time is spent waiting for things to get built or for items to get harvested. The game reminds me a lot of software you can play on Facebook or mobile.

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