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Handheld gaming news with coffee, week 46

The year is flying by, isn’t it? Every week as I number these Handheld Gaming News articles I’m amazed at the fact that 2016 is approaching the end fairly quickly already. Still, the early evenings also means that my home town Eindhoven hosted its Glow festival again.

For a week hundreds of thousands of visitors will walk the route again to admire the light projects. A pity the incessant rain took some of the fun away, but we managed to keep it dry when we walked the route on Wednesday.Glow Eindhoven, Catharinakerk

Swapdoodle surprise

This was also the week that Nintendo managed to surprise us with a release that can out of nowhere. And one that has made a lot of people very happy, including me. Swapdoodle was made available in the eShop for free. Hosted by none other then Nikki, our friend from Swapnote. You can read a bit more about what you can do with it here. It works perfectly, don’t forget you can download the Starter Pack and the Silver glitter pack for free in the Lesson Store.

swapdoodle, nikki

MiiTomo gets another chance

I know a lot of you have long since deleted Nintendo’s first app, MiiTomo. I didn’t do anything with it either after the first days. I must say though that last weeks update has surely improved things. Decorating your room, sending direct messages to friends: that’s a real improvement. The Mii drop is still mostly up to chance though, but with all the free game tickets you get you still won’t have to spend a penny. Anyway, my little YvoCaro has been having a nice time in her little apartment.MiiTomo update

Super Mario Run releasedate

iOS mobile game, Super Mario Run, has got a releasedate: it will be available for free on December 15. The game will have three modes of play, and you’ll be able to give all of them a try. If you like it, the entire game will open up for a one time price of about $10. No other micro transactions. I never have been a fan of Mario games, and an endless runner is way to fast for me. Still, I hope this will bring lots of new gamers to Nintendo.Super Mario run, mobile

Pokémon Sun or Moon starter

This week Pokémon Sun and Moon are released for the 3DS both in America and in Europe. I’ve downloaded Moon, based purely on how magnificent the legendary Moon Pokémon looks. I was thinking of going for Litten, as I generally like fire starter PK. Professor Kukui and the islands Kahuna, Hala presented YvoCaro with the three choices: Litten, Rowlett and Poplio. And in a split second, I knew: how could I leave little cute Rowlett behind? She looked so adorable, her eyes simply begging me to take her along! So, I went for the grass starter. Let’s do a little poll, which one will you choose?

Playlist of gaming music

Not as much news as I usually have for these coffee drinking and game chatting sessions, but then it seems all news is about Pokémon this week! I’ve played the first part, and I do think it promises to be a great game. Still, I am trying to keep other games going too. Like Harvest Moon Skytree Village, and World of Final Fantasy too. WoFF  is a very good game in my opinion, and one that’s not getting the attention it deserves at the moment.

I particularly like the music in the game. Maybe because lately I’ve enjoyed a playlist that I made myself for gaming and movie music. Every time that I feel stressed at work, I just dive into the gaming world through the music. One of the soundtracks on there is Final Fantasy Main theme by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Great music!

Which reminds me: do you have gaming music to recommend to me? I’d really love to make my playlist longer!

Well, back to my games! Thanks again for reading, and enjoy your gaming weekend!










  1. Regarding game music:
    Chrono Cross soundtrack is one of my all time favorites. Final Fantasy XIV (A Realm Reborn) has quite epic pieces as well. Metal Gear Solid 2 – 5 are superb too. And if you’re looking for something that deviates from your typical RPG music, Ragnarok Online has a soundtrack covering various musical styles.

    These are just a few of the game soundtracks I love and which I thought may interest you.

  2. I always enjoy listening to Animal Crossing music when I’m stressed, it does help 🙂 I like a lot of music from the Super Nintendo days…. Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2 are my favorites!

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