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The Happy Home Designer Card Collector Album has reached European shores. Not to make you all envious, but I must say it’s great quality, it looks really good. Now I know my American friends can only obtain the album at special events if they are lucky ( at least, for now) so I had this little brainwave: I have one extra album here that I will be giving to one of my readers. So if you cannot get the album where you live, just take part of this giveaway. You may be lucky!

The Collector’s Album giveaway will be open from today till November 23 of 2015, so ample time for people to join in. To enter the giveaway you have to do the following:

  • Put in a comment on this post; tell us why you love the game so much, what your fondest memories of Animal Crossing are or who your favorite animal in Animal Crossing is.
  • Click the box to be notified of new posts or new comments to this posts via email (don’t forget this, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you)

After the giveaway closes I’ll pick one participant, using the foolproof method of putting all the names in a hat and blind pick one name. I will let you all know who the lucky winner is and I’ll contact her or him for an address to ship the album to.

So let’s have some fun chatting about Animal Crossing and Happy Home Designer!

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  1. Awww that’s sweet of you! I have so many favorite characters! But the one that was the hardest when she left was Bunny. She was with me from the beginning of Wild World and had her for 2 years before she left. After that i didn’t really play that game anymore. Of course New Leaf was coming soon after that 😉 The most fun i had with Animal Crossing was perhaps with LGTTC. The microphone made it possible for me and my friends in the UK to just hang out in the living room. Sometimes we just had the game open and were standing near the station, because we didn’t want to play. We just wanted to talk to eachother and do other things. Of course we could have used Skype for that, but most of us would have to use a headset for that. This was perfect. Just chat and not worry about cords 😉

    Oh and btw, i already have the album, i bought it at GameMania, so don’t put me on the list. I just thought this was a fun question and i think it’s very sweet of you to do this give-away 😉

    1. Thank you Marise! So LGTTC was the one you had most fun with. I still remember how it was released here in the Netherlands on December 5th, a Friday, much later then City Folk in the US. I couldn’t wait to play it and as it was my day off, I went out to buy it first thing in the morning! The microphone took some getting used to, but I do remember some nice chats on there. Good memories, thanks!

    2. Oh my gosh, I forgot about the microphone! I absolutely loved that function! I met a great bunch of friends using that little microphone! So cool to hear others voice and not have to type everything, especialy when you have a fishing tourney going!

      1. Haha yeah! One year when i first had my cats and i needed to stay home for New Years, there was a group of us who just celebrated New Years together, over the mic! We just had the mic open and did our things, played a little and then just talked like they were in the same room with me. Then we got to celebrate New Years tiwce, because i was in the Netherlands and the others in the UK. Good memories ^_^

  2. Since my pre-order at game mania still did not arrive, and series 2 album will arrive soon at game mania i still wanted to try! I do not own. Would love to win the album My fondest memory goes back to animal crossing on the game cube. Where i had oliva as a villager! She had been with me in every game including new leaf. One of my fondest memory’s is hearing her gossip about others and how how fantastic she really is lol. I already have one great memory in HHD And that is building the pink classroom and seeing the animals playing silly games behind the teachers back, haha! Really loved that one!! Also vesta has always be with me to. Silly sheep with here jokes…

    1. Isn’t fun how the characters just appeal to you? I’m curious to read here who everyone will name, and if everyone has another favorite animal. So the GameCube version was your first? Mine was Wild World, but I did buy the GC game after that. I will add your name! Crazy how your pre-order hasn’t arrived yet, the GameMania where I found this one still had a couple just lying on the shelve!

      1. I had fun with all the games, they all had their charms. First AC i played was on the GameCube and i LOVED it! But when i went back to it after i played LGTTC and WW, i hated the loading times when you walked into another screen. So walking across your village would take long. But i loved it too back then, so so much 🙂 The reason i liked LGTTC was purely because of the friends i made there 🙂 I didn’t make many on WW and NL, as i met so many through the Wii already, and we kept playing together after that 🙂
        Gameplay wise i liked WW better. And after that NL. They just keep on improving and giving me new things to play with. The one thing i liked best though was filling up the museum and catching fish and bugs, so i don’t really consider this new HHD game an Animal Crossing game. Unless later on you can hunt for things too?

  3. How nice of you to do a giveaway! ;w;
    My fondest memories? Gosh…this is hard.
    I’d say, among my fondest memories are getting the original Animal Crossing for Gamecube. I had very little knowledge of the series prior to playing it, and after I started playing it, my love for the series instantly grew sky high. It is really unfortunate that my old, original GC town no longer exist due to save data corruption. :<
    I was so amazed at how fun, silly, and adorable it was, and it led me to research and find out more information on the series, which caused me to find out just how amazing and interesting the series is overall! This leads to my other most fondest memory; discovering, buying, and getting Animal Crossing: Wild World. From the moment I discovered it, I've always wanted it, and that dream became reality in 2013, when I was EXTREMELY lucky enough to buy a mint-condition copy from Marktplaats for 5 euro's, with an UNUSED Club Nintendo code! I've put more than 250 hours into the game, and I've always wanted to try the online multiplayer through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, but I never had an internet connection supported by Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, so, unfortunately, I never got to play it online. 🙁 I've still had a lot of fun with it though. It was so innovative for it's time, and the way they implemented the gameplay and the mechanics onto the DS was so impressive and admirable…With that said, it's almost the game's 10th anniversary. The Japanese initial release occured on 25/11/2005. The European 10th anniversary will happen next year, on 31/03/2006~!

    iThese are my fondest AC memories. I will carry them with me, till the end of time.

    1. Isn’t it great how the game just speaks to so many people! Wild World was my first game, I started it in August of 2006, so a couple of months after it was released. Only I didn’t even know all that at the time. I had bought it for my daughter who was 7 then, and we based our buy on the artwork on the cover. A mint-condition copy for just 5 euro, cool! Pity you didn’t get to wifi with it!

  4. You’re so nice to be doing this. Since I live in North America I can’t really acquire one :/

    My fondest memory of the entire animal crossing series was playing New Leaf with my Senpai cx He has a Japanese 3ds so he was nice enough to give me Dango since it was one of the items I wanted most. He also gave me Stitches which is one of my most loved animals in Animal Crossing, who I still have in my town. I didn’t have very many real life friends so playing online with Senpai was the best c: I haven’t been able to play Happy Home Designer much since I got it because of my job but I did get to bring it to work once and design a home with my cook at Waffle House and that was great c:

    Thanks again for doing this! I love reading your articles. That’s how I found out about Happy Home Designer in the first place.

    1. Stiches, I remember him! I looked up what Senpai means, or do you have a friend named Senpai? Either way, Animal Crossing is best played together with friends, and I love how this game makes it so easy to do so. The other day, when re-visiting my town, I found letters from my recently departed gaming friend. So much stays locked in the game of the dear friends we played with…
      I hope you will find some time to play HHD soon, the game is really worth it!

  5. I’d love to have a chance to not have to import one!

    My fondest memory from the series is playing the first version on the Game Cube and discovering the island function for the Game Boy Advance. I spent many hours bringing fruit to feed the islander. I actually still have the game and system, and am tempted to load it to check up on my old friends.

    I have enjoyed every version since then, to varying degrees, with New Leaf being my favorite, having all the best features so far. I can’t choose a favorite villager, they each have their own charm once you get to know thm, even the ones with an attitude. I suppose Monique has held her place high in my list, but I can’t say she’s my all time favorite.

    No matter who wins, you are amazing for doing this!

    1. Thanks Katrina!
      So you even had the connection with the GameBoy and the island! I never had a GameBoy, so I never had the island in my GC game. And at the time it seemed to much of a bother to invest in one, as I already was playing Wild World everyday. But I do remember that the GC version was much more full in events, festivals and things to do in your town as opposed to Wild World. Still, wild world was portable!

  6. I love Animal Crossing because it’s just so peaceful. I can play at my own pace and do what I want. The adorableness level is also a huge plus. I like interacting with the animals and also filling all of my collections, from furniture to fossils! My favorite character is, without questions, Gaston. He’s got the adorable bunny shape but he’s got a giant mustache and grumpy personality. Something about someone being so annoyed/angry yet being so perfectly snuggle-able…I just can’t help but love him. I’d just give him hugs and cheek kisses all day because I know how much he’d hate it. My fondest memories of Animal Crossing hove more to do with the amazing people I’ve met through the game and groups like Animal Crossing Community. I’ve known a lot of these people for almost 7 years now. I’ve seen their kids grow and they’ve been through two pregnancies with me! Everyone has been so kind and generous, whether its leaving gates open for all-day turnip selling or giving you hybrids just because they know you love the blue ones. I couldn’t have asked for a more special group of ladies (and some men) to share my game and life with! <3

    1. Great point Serena! One of the things that made Wild World an unforgettable experience is the friendships that developed through the Internet en wifi. You’re right, some of the ladies I’ve known for 9 years now..wow, really makes you stop and think, right?

  7. Hi Yvonne,
    I thot it’s about time to catch up with you again! And just look what comes up! Animal Crossing!! What I wanted to tell you was when I took a gf out for her birthday lunch recently (She’s a die-hard gamer you bet!), I asked her about that game, etc. What she told me if I were to play the game, I would have to buy a Nintendo and something else (I can’t find my notes to refer to…darn!) in addition to the game just to get started. Sounds expensive!
    PS I loved Serena’s comment. I’m thinking…I’m thinking…

    1. See, slowly but surely we are converting you, Gina! If you do bite the bullet I would suggest you go for the 3DS XL. Not the latest model, this one you should be able to buy at a reasonable price used. Much cheaper, and it will suffice nicely to play Animal Crossing. Go for the XL, the larger model: trust me, you don’t want to go for the little screen. After all, reading glasses only go so far! After that you would need the Animal Crossing New Leaf game. Maybe you had thought about Happy Home Designer, but in my opinion you would do better to first get to know the whole world of Animal Crossing before you go for the spin-off. Plus, New Leaf is so much more value for money! A good thing Christmas presents are just around the corner eh? By the way, your friend sounds like she could fit in right away in this gaming crowd!

  8. I love Animal Crossing because it’s a game anyone can enjoy. It’s something you can play when you just want to relax. There’s no sense of urgency or anything when playing it. You just take your time and explore everything on your own time. Plus it has a variety of things you can do, like fishing, mini-games, decorating, socializing, etc. My fondest memory of the game is the first time I ever played, and getting to name my town. It took a while to come up with something, but eventually my sister and I came up with a name we loved. Ever since then, that has been the name of our town on each new Animal Crossing game we play. My favorite villager is probably Moe. He’s adorable and has a really chill attitude. He’s also a cat, which is one of my favorite animals!

    1. Thanks Brianna! You describe it very aptly, that is exactly what Animal Crossing is about. Everyone can play it how they want to, and in their own time! My first town that I still have was called Bearpath. It was the street we had our vacation home in when we first visited Florida. What’s your town called?

  9. My earliest AC memory revolve around my daughter and I playing the game. Although we have both always been big gamers, this game really drew us in and and helped us out during a difficult time in our lives. Having been diagnosed with a disease that kept her from functioning like a normal child,(running around and playing outside, attending school), it did not take much energy to sit and play a video game. Although I bought the game for my kids, I quickly became addicted to it. Our very first villager was Dizzy and we just loved him. He is still in my GC town, on my memory card, in our very first town called Harpswell.

    Little did I know way back then how buying that one game would spiral me into a obsessive collective Animal Crossing freak ,lol. Playing AC also brought me to game boards where I have made a lot of good friends which has also helped with my love and former embarrassment for all things to do with video gaming!

    1. Isn’t it great how mothers and daughters can bond over Animal Crossing? Just like you did I started playing my first AC game together with my daughter when she was 7 yrs old. She had a DS with Nintendogs, but no other game, and we browsed the shop to see what would appeal to her. We were attracted by the boxart I guess. So I translated all the English, and we dove into the world of AC! Good memories.

  10. Logan asked me to put this comment for her on here, as she doesn’t have an email address yet:
    “Animal Crossing is the best game ever! From the gamecube up to the 3Ds, the games just keep getting better and better. I love meeting all the new people they add to the game, and running around catching bugs or fish for them or bringing there gift to another townie. It makes me so happy to get to play AnimalCrossing when I get home from work. To relax and sit on my couch and play AnimalCrossing.
    I don’t know if I can pick just one townie that I like the most. I had a lot of favorite townies. It’s hard to pick just one out of so many. Thank you!”

  11. I love HHD for so many reasons! You dont have to pick dreamies and you can let your imaginations soar! My fondest memory has to be when I recieved Drago for the first time. He is my favourite!

  12. Kyle the smug wolf is my absolute favourite! The best thing I remember was when he was standing outside my door on my birthday, to throw me a surprise party in his house. That was really awesome!

    1. I had Kyle for the longest time in my New Leaf village! I must say that in general I like the wolves.
      Be sure to leave your email address to follow the website, otherwise I won’t be able to contact you, should you be the winner of the album!

  13. Wow, I have been playing Animal Crossing since 2004 when I got the Game Cube copy from son because I wanted something to do. It always amazes me when think about how I played it yet missed out on so much back then. When I heard that it was coming to the DS I was so excited. I have so many townies that I love but at the moment I’d have to say that Tia is my favorite. I was really hoping that when they brought it to the WiiU it would be more like City Folk version but more added like they did for the 3ds version.

    1. You really where one of the first players then Rosie! Me too, I wish they would have a good successor to City Folk, but I’m afraid we won’t be seeing it on the WiiU.

  14. Animal Crossing City Folk is the game that has the most and the best memories for me. I created a schedule, and an easy way for many players to get together reliably with other members. Once a month there was a scheduled Holiday event that was hosted around the clock so everyone could enjoy the fun. I had a wonderful time sharing all of my Holiday town ideas with all of the members of the Gadabouts group that I started on ACC. It was a great way for like minded players to meet up and enjoy friendship, and caring. Those towns still hold such fond memories of playing games, and chatting, and playing dress up, and doing tours, and giggling over the funny things the animals would say. A whole year of fab! It was one of the best times I’ve ever had playing the game, and I met quite a few of the ladies from “Ladies and Gaming” via that group.

  15. When I was a kid I had no friends and because of that I always spend my time alone.. Then came the animal crossing whom became my friend, my best friend. It made my day complete by playing animal crossing.

    Tom Nook my favorite 🙂

  16. Very true, although you do feel the obligation to maintain everything in town, it doesn’t feel like a chore. It feels like having a fun and relaxing time to play the game. One of the best things for me was always the sharing with friends. What a pity you had to make a new friend list because your 3DS broke..

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