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Harvest Days: Kickstarter Campaign Coming Soon

We are always on the lookout for a nice Kickstarter campaign and of course, the words “inspired by Stardew Valley/ Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons” manages to capture our attention at LadiesGamers.

Harvest Days by Family Devs a father and son development team from Spain is an open-ended country-life RPG inspired by Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons. A Kickstarter campaign will launch for the game in July 2021.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

Pre-alpha Demo

Recently I had the chance to try out the pre-alpha demo of Harvest Days on Steam. As the game starts your shown the intro to the story. The village of Duda is where your grandparents have a home. Sadly, a rural exodus has caused a drastic drop in the population and productivity of the village.

You might just be the only hope to restore Duda’s Village to greatness, so you have moved to a farm plot located in Duda’s Village to start your new life on the farm and help out the village.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

 Look after the Farm

In the demo, you have a choice of male or female characters. Family Devs have plans in the finished game that you’ll be able to choose the appearance of your farmer. They say there will be different customisation possibilities and the combinations are going to be enormous!

Unlike other farm-themed games, in Harvest Days you must pay special attention to your characters needs, hunger, thirst and need to go to the WC. Otherwise, your energy consumption will be higher and the energy bar will run out faster than usual.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

Grow Crops, Complete Quests

You have a few tools, some post in the mailbox provide seeds to plant to get your farm up and running. Similar to most farming games in the final game you will be able to grow your farm by harvesting crops and nurturing your own animals. There are some stalls on the road nearby to buy all kinds of seeds from.

There are a few NPC’s dotted about the farm with quests to do. Quests such as looking after another farmers pigs, making sure they have water and food. The finished game will have a lot more activities to do. You’ll be building a coop or a barn and raising animals, chickens, pigs, rabbits, horses, cows and even some wild animals.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

Build relationships with villagers, build houses to attract new inhabitants, improve the infrastructures, commerce in the weekly markets. Sell your crops and products by placing them in your shipping box or sell to the merchants. By using the profits from the things you sell you will be able to restore Duda’s Village to greatness once again.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

Craft, Explore and More

You’ll also be able to explore the open world. I found a horse in the demo so I had a little trot around the area outside of the farm. Even at this early stage in the pre-alpha build the environment is alive with wild animals such as deer. The birds are singing and butterflies float past as the grass sways in the breeze.

Family Devs plans for Harvest Days include countless places waiting to be discovered. The village, the mysterious forest, the caves, the dungeons, a temple in ruins, a swamp with an abandoned treasure.

Harvest Days LadiesGamers

Future Plans

Future plans for the game include being able to join the village community and make new friends. Participating in weekly events, such as the street market or the artisan market and meeting people of nearby villages.

You’ll be able to gather resources, craft items, go fishing in the river. Clean the forest of residues that pollute the environment, and recycle it. Make use of renewable energies such as wind or solar energy, or travel on your horse instead of using a vehicle. I guess there will never be a dull moment!




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