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Harvest Moon announced for the Switch

With all the media noise around the Arms Direct that was shown last night, and the great footage they snuck in for Splatoon 2 I felt it was time to give some attention to another announcement that was made. Harvest Moon Light of Hope will be released not only on PS4 and PC, but on the Switch too!

Now to make it clear: this is Natsume’s Harvest Moon, so not the series that has had so many great farming games for 21 years. Those are the games that are now called Story of Seasons. No, this is a new entry after Harvest Moon The Lost Valley and Skytree Village on the 3DS and Seeds of Memory on the mobile. And what’s more: the Switch version will be playable on the E3 that’s held in a couple of weeks!

To be honest, the new Harvest Moon games aren’t quite as good in my opinion as the Story of Seasons games. But they do have landscaping à la Minecraft added to the farming, which I really liked. For now, I’m just happy that the Switch seems to get a simulation game. Might be the second one, as we are waiting for Stardew Valley.

Now for me there’s still the problem of procuring a Switch in the first place. My own fault of course, I should have pre-ordered. But with a launch line-up that didn’t seem like my kind of gaming I felt it better to wait. I didn’t expect that it would be so difficult to buy one at all. I thought Nintendo had learned from their debacle of not being able to stock the Wii.

I’ve made my down-payment on April 13, so 5 weeks ago. Still no peep…By now I’m really looking to picking my neon blue and red console up. But I still haven’t decided what my first game will be. I’ll keep you posted!



  1. Good luck getting a Switch! While it’s great that Harvest Moon will be on the system, I agree that I’d rather have Story of Seasons. Maybe that’s next!

    1. I guess we got to be greateful for every simulation initiative. I was just thinking yesterday, how awesome would it be if the Atelier series came to the Switch! After all, there was the chibi-fied version of Atelier Rorona a couple of years ago in Japan!

  2. I’d never heard of a Harvest Moon game for Wii U, so I looked up Seeds of Memories – seems like it was announced for Wii U back in 2015 but there’s no been no word about it since. Almost certainly cancelled at this point. Still, that’s good news about an upcoming Switch entry. There was a vague announcement about Story of Seasons coming to Switch too a while ago I believe. Hope you’re able to get hold of a Switch soon!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll edit the post. I am sure Seeds of Memories was released for mobile, and I thought it made it to WiiU too. But I hadn’t checked anymore. One of the many games that were cancelled for the WiiU then!

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