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Haven Park Coming to Switch & Steam

At LadiesGamers we are always on the lookout for cute and wholesome games heading to the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Haven Park is one such game, its an adventure indie game developed by Fabian Weibel and is going to be published by Mooneye Studios, who also published Lost Ember on Switch last year.

In Haven Park young Flint a little yellow duck is asked by his grandma to look after her camping park and get it up and running. It all takes place on a little forest island, that looks beautiful, full of lush greenery. It reminds me of a cross between Animal Crossing: New Horizons and A Short Hike. 

haven Park LadiesGamers
Little yellow duckling, Flint.

Waddle around

In the demo which was available on Steam, there is enough gameplay to get a feel for what the game will be like when it is released on Steam and Nintendo Switch on the 5th of August. Take control of Flint as he waddles around the island fixing the place up. You do this to encourage animal campers to come and enjoy the camping life for a while.

haven Park LadiesGamers
fix up the camp and make it pretty.

Make the camp Inviting

Whenever you explore the island you will find junk to pick up such as wood and cloth. Finding junk not only cleans up the island but the junk is also used to craft items. Using the tree stump and axe in each campsite as your crafting table, you can make tents that you place in the campsite areas.

haven Park LadiesGamers
Meeting a new camper

Once you set up a campfire and tent in a camping site, a visitor appears and settles into camping. By chatting to each visitor as they arrive at your newly created campsite they will give you simple quests to complete. For example, you might be asked to build something so they can have something to eat such as a barbecue stand.

haven Park LadiesGamers
How do I get to that chest in the tree?

Learn a few Skills

As you attend to the needs of the campers you earn exp, which in turn gives Flint some skills points. Skill points can be used to increase Flint’s skills that will help you make the campers even happier. I was surprised to find the game had skill points. This type of game doesn’t normally have skills added to them. It does make it more interesting and something for the player to work towards and achieve.

haven Park LadiesGamers


Haven Park is a peaceful open-world game. There isn’t any rush to do anything in the park. Also, it’s a nice easy going game building the cosy campsites can be done at your own pace, or go exploring if you want. When the full game is released there will be 30+ campers to meet and make comfortable at a campsite.

Additionally, the game aims to be a wholesome escape into a whimsical and friendly world. Undoubtedly, I got that feeling when playing the demo. I’m looking forward to the full game release next month.

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