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Havendock Preview

Beta preview code used, with many thanks to Plan of Attack.

Havendock is a resource management, base-building simulation game where you try to survive in the middle of the sea and build a thriving town.

The game is being developed by YYZ, a solo developer, and published by Different Tales. I’ve been playing a beta version of the game, and it’s great. Havendock mixes classic colony building and management concepts with a nautical theme.

Alone on a Small Sandy Island

Havendock LadiesGamers
Use stone and wood to build a deck.

After minimal character and world customisation, Havendock begins with your character waking up alone on a small sandy island. Stranded in the middle of the ocean, you use the only tools available, stone and wood, to build yourself a deck.

Moving around the deck, you must salvage floating debris from the sea, giving you resources such as wood and stone. You will build more decks to give yourself a base from these humble beginnings. Collect more wood, seek ways to expand and get other lost sailors to join you.

Salvage Floating Debris

Havendock LadiesGamers
One small deck to start.

In Havendock, you control your character by moving them around using the keyboard and the mouse for the menu. For the most part, the controls work all right, though having precise movement control over your character can be difficult.

Soon you’ll be collecting more driftwood and random crates full of resources. In addtion, as your deck expands in size, you’ll place nets to catch fish, build a water supply, and a mini farm to plant vegetables for food and manage your resources.

Expand the Deck

Havendock LadiesGamers
By building a research bench, you can research new technologies, opening up new things and construction. For example, you’ll build a water pump to draw seawater up to the dock and a purifier to make it drinkable. You’ll also build birdhouses to attract birds, giving you seeds for farming plots, and in return, you’ll feed the birds raw fish you catch.

NPCs Come Aboard

Havendock LadiesGamers
Other survivors join your colony.

More fun starts when new characters arrive at the dock, asking to join your colony. If you accept, you can give them tasks like looking after the water supply or tending to the crops.

Each NPC has needs and wants you will have to fulfil. For instance, Alf was my first NPC who arrived at the dock; he has PTSD from a past traumatic event and is a little jittery. Furthermore, when Alf arrived, he demanded I build him a house before he joined my colony. But, as the gentleman that Alf is, he stood on his raft and waited for me to construct his house without lending a hand.

Havendock LadiesGamers
Nice haul from a floating grate

Unfortunately, a few days after joining, Alf had an accident and broke his leg. Even more unfortunate for Alf, as he limped around the dock shouting about his broken leg, I didn’t have the correct supplies to provide him with medical help. So herbs and medicine suddenly became crucial to cure my shipwrecked mates and quieten Mr shouty man.

Expand and Reach other Islands

Havendock LadiesGamers
Planting some hamburgers

Eventually, more and more NPCs arrive and ask to join your colony, so you’ll continue to build houses and decks and expand across the ocean. By building more decks, you also reach other islands, such as an island with a chicken coop and some healthy-looking chickens, adding eggs to your supplies. My colony of eight is thriving; maybe it’s the addtion of good eggs for breakfast, but that can change quickly in a survival game.

Havendock LadiesGamers
It’s getting crowded; got to expand again.

Havendock is shaping up to be a fantastic simulation game. When Havendock is released (Q2 of 2023), it will include underwater systems for pumping oil. Also, it is planned that you can generate electricity and construct rowboats and submarines to help you reach new areas.

You can find the Steam page for Havendock here; I definitely recommend you put it on your Wishlist.

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