Hello Everyone!

(First, a note from Yvonne)

When I first started inviting writers to join me to help me build LadiesGamers.com someone asked if the new writer had to be a woman. An interesting question, as I feel that this site has to have content that interests women of all ages. But at the same time, us women play all kinds of games and don’t want to be peg holed into one gaming genre.

I guess the outlook of the articles on the site has to be a positive one, we don’t cover violent games or games with highly questionable content. And of course, we talk about handheld games. As the reader base of the site is partially male, far be it for me to say that only women can write here.

So when Jonathan, who I’ve know for years (from the site World of Nintendo), approached me, I was happy to add him to the growing writers community here at LadiesGamers. So time to let Jonathan introduce himself!

Hello to all readers at ladiesgamers.com,

My name is Jonathan and I’ve been friends with Yvonne for some years now.  We met thanks to a dear friend of ours called Lynn, who introduced Yvonne to a Nintendo group I’ve run for years, and since then we’ve chatted about games and other issues together.

I’m a husband, father of 5 (soon to be 6), Church Pastor, and a Nintendo gamer.  I love the majority of Nintendo’s major franchises, own numerous Nintendo systems, and I’m quite partial to platformers and puzzle games in general.

I’m excited to reveal tonight that Yvonne has given me the privilege of contributing to her blog.  I look forward to sharing my views on Nintendo games, writing game reviews, and participating in your discussions.  But more than anything else, I look forward to making more internet friends.




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