Want to help me build LadiesGamers?

For a couple of years I’ve been building A Lady and Gaming, expressing my own views on handheld gaming of the more casual kind. Almost 700 articles have been written since April 2014 when I hatched my crazy idea to ramble about my favorite hobby in this blog.

The site has changed since then, adding handheld gaming news and quizzes, but aside from some personal musings, it’s always been about my passion for games. While I know I have my “blind spots” I always said I can’t write about a game that I don’t like playing. Which is why you will hardly find any news on Mario games in here, or about Rythm games, or platform games.

I feel a change is needed, a change to keep what you all have been enjoying reading and to add to that by way of new writers on LadiesGamers.com. Which brings me to my question:

Are you a writer who is passionate about video games, and would you like to work with me to make LadiesGamers.com a more well rounded website? I can’t offer you anything in the way of compensation aside from the rare demo code for a new game. I can only offer fame and glory, and the fun of joining me in making this website even better!

If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message on LadiesgamersYvoCaro@gmail.com. Tell me what kind of gaming interests you, and include an example of your writing.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

We love to hear from you!