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Help wanted: gaming blind spots

If you’re a life-long gamer, you pretty much know which kind of video games tickle your fancy. But with mobile gaming being on the rise, a lot of people enter the gaming arena with hardly any idea of what’s out there. So I got the idea to make a series of articles of good games in the various genres to try. Games on various gaming devices too.

Now, as a handheld gamer I lean towards Nintendo but I think I know quite a bit too about mobile games and PS Vita games. Switch games (yes, I consider the Switch to be a partly handheld system too) are my blind spots, as well as shooters, racers and action games for any handheld device. So I was thinking of asking for your help!

Most of my readers know a thing or two about video-games, so I’d like for you to fill in my grey areas in gaming knowledge. In the meantime, I’ll cover the areas that I do know about!

Help wanted, Simulation games

Like the name suggests, games that simulate real-life activities. Other than in real life though there often are no major goals and there’s no pressure. In many of these games you are free to set targets for yourself, like collecting things, level up friendship in the game and such.

That being said, these games aren’t neatly placed in one box, I think they are to be divided in:
– Real time simulation
– (Time) Management
– City builders

What handheld games are the best you’ve ever played in this category? You won’t be surprised that I will be mentioning Animal Crossing, the Sims, the Delicious: Emily games and games like HayDay. If these are your favorites too, then by all means, mention them. If there are others I’d like to know as well.

Just drop me a message on here, or on one of the social media. I really look forward to everyones input, and I’ll carve a nice article with top tips out of it all!


  1. I just discoverd Ecolibrium, and i’m hooked!
    It’s a free game for the vita made with Discovery.

  2. I have a Switch!

    For hand held simulator games my favourites are (mostly life sims):
    Harvest Moon / Bokujou Monogatari Series, Animal Crossing & Cake Mania.

    I have a few more I like but they are PC.
    The Pikmin series are real time strategies but the first handheld entry won’t be one.

    I played the demo of Oreshika on the vita and that has like monthly time management (like Princess Maker) but also a traditional rpg.

    1. Thanks for your input! I bet that this article about simulation games will be a long one. After all, they are the games that I enjoy most, together with RPG.

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