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Hidden Cats in New York Review

Game: Hidden Cats in New York
Genre: Casual
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer | Publisher: Nukearts Studio
Controller Support: Yes
Price: US $2.99 | UK £2.49 | EU € 2,99
Release Date: June 16th, 2023

Review code used with many thanks to Nukearts Studio.

Hidden Cats in New York is a 2023 hidden-object game by Nukearts Studio, where your objective is to find kittens hidden around New York. This game is the third in the Hidden Cats Series and the first to take us outside of Europe. Here you can read our other Hidden Cats in Paris review and Hidden Cats in London review from the same series. Let us get on with this review. 

LadiesGamers Hidden Cats in New York
A somewhat successful start.


Hidden Cats in New York is a typical point-and-click hidden object game. You have a black and white line-drawn picture of New York with more famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Empire State Building, etc.

You have two game modes, Normal, with 120 hidden cats in fixed positions and three hints, or Advanced, with 200 invisible cats in random places and the option to find special cats and city people to earn hints and unlock bonus levels. In both cases, you can zoom in and out of the picture as you like. You also have moving parts of the image- like cars in traffic in both modes; however, in Advanced, you might have to click on a cat in a vehicle, and in Normal, you might not.

LadiesGamers Hidden Cats in New York A special cat card - Ninja cat Babalu
This ninja cat was difficult to find!

In Advanced mode, besides the cats, you can also find special cats and city people. The special cats unlock bonus levels, so, for example, finding the Ninja Turtle Cat and Babalu unlocks the Ninja Headquarters. The bonus levels are much smaller than the central area, the cats are always in fixed positions, and there are no special cats or people to find. However, the bonus scenes are again connected to New York, Central Park, a coffee shop, a rooftop with one of those typical water towers, the Natural Science Museum, and so on.

The city people are a fun addition to the game. I admit I didn’t recognize all of them, but most of them are easily recognizable as pop culture references. There are other pop culture references as well. 

LadiesGamers Hidden Cats in New York A Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated reference
A Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated reference.

Art Style

The artwork is the heart and soul of Hidden Cats in New York. The game would work with it being good and the cats being somewhat recognizable. The game starts with a line drawing of New York made in purple. Each time you find a cat, some of the colors come back into the city. If you find all the cats in an area, say a building, the building is colored immediately.

The soundtrack nicely complements the game’s atmosphere- music and background noise. The cat mewing is not overpowering the rest of the sound. It’s an excellent idea that the noise changes with where you are on the map. It creates a living, breathing picture of New York.

As a DLC, you can buy a pdf coloring book of the game.

LadiesGamers Hidden Cats in New York The Natural Science Museum with dinosaur skeleton
The Natural Science Museum in a natural habitat for hidden cats.


Some cats are challenging to find, but it’s not impossible, even without using hints. That wasn’t possible for me in Hidden Cats in London.


Hidden Cats in New York is an excellent addition to the Hidden Cats games. It offered me a relaxing and fun distraction from everyday life for a few hours. I can only wait in anticipation for the next game in the series.

Final Verdict: I Like it a Lot. I like it a lot

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