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Hidden Paws Review

Game: Hidden Paws
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle, Party, Other
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, (Windows & macOS)
Developers | Publishers: Manic Hyena | Silesia Games
Age Rating: US E | EU 3+
Price: US $3.99 | UK £3.49 | EU €3,99
Release Date: January 27th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Silesia Games.

In June 2021, I reviewed Summer Paws by developers Manic Hyena and publishers Silesia Games. Hidden Paws is another game in the same hidden object (cats) game series.

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers
Snowy scenes

Hidden Cats

Hidden Paws is a story-less game, so this is my take on the storyline since the game doesn’t have one. Summer is over, and the seasons have passed. It is now wintertime, and the cats are still outside. Since the cats are outside, they must feel very cold and lonely out there in the chilly weather. So it is up to you to search high and low, find every cat on each puzzle scene and bring them home and into the warmth of the fire.

Across twelve winter landscapes, you have to find each cat and a set amount of balls of yarn in each level. Once they have all been found, the next level is unlocked, and you move on to it.

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers
Here kitty, where are you?

Plenty of Hiding Places

There are plenty of hiding places in each scene for the little kitty cats to hide; some are masters of their craft and hide very well. You’ll be opening cars doors and boxes, rummaging through woodpiles, searching the forests, and searching around penguins.

The cats may be well hidden, but there is one giveaway as once you are near a hiding spot, the cat meows. The cat’s meow helps narrow down its hiding area, making it easier to find them. The only drawback is keeping the volume up on the Switch to hear the cats as you also have to listen to the music. There is nothing wrong with the music in the game other than it repeats and gets repetitive quickly; you might not want to hear it for too long.

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers
Find the balls of yarn.


There are also hints to use and the quiet meows from the cats to solve the puzzle. At the bottom left of the screen are a cat and a ball of yarn; pressing either gives you a picture hint in a thought bubble. A little hint is all you need sometimes if you are stuck in the game, and the hints system in Hidden Paws serves its purpose well.

Hidden Paws isn’t a difficult game to play, nor is it overly challenging. Instead, it’s pretty simplistic in its puzzles, making it the perfect game for all ages, including young children.

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers
Using the hint system

Visuals and Controls

Hidden Paws uses a simple, blocky art style for its visuals with few detailed textures. It’s almost minimalistic for a 3D game, I like the look of the game and it works nicely for a seek and find setup.

The controls are either by touchscreen or joy-con whichever you feel most comfortable using. I tried out both control options and while they both work fine, the camera controls are not that smooth.

Hidden Paws LadiesGamers
It’s good to get warmed by the fire in chilly weather.


Hidden Paws is a fun enjoyable little puzzle game. If you have played other games in the series then you know what to expect from the game and it will be purrfect for you. For everyone else, Hidden Paws is an adequate puzzle game to pass a few hours with while you have a cup of coffee with your feet up at the fire.

Final Verdict: I Like It  I like it

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