Holidaying with Streetpass

Here at LadiesGamers we got to talking about Summer Holidays and vacationing a while back. A great idea to bring you some Summer flavoured articles. Though not exactly a Summer holiday, vacationing made me think of my favorite trip back in the Fall of 2016. Of course, my trusty 3DS accompanied me.

My aunt was getting married, and I went with my family down to Tennessee to attend the wedding. This was over Halloween of that year and Nintendo was running a StreetPass holiday. Remember when we had those back then? During a StreetPass holiday, you could get StreetPasses from all over the world. So this was excellent when on a road trip and it added to the fun of travelling.

How Did I Maximize StreetPass? 

By going to as many relays as possible! When on a road trip in the USA, one thing you are bound to come across a lot is McDonald’. I took advantage of this and brought my 3DS to as many McDonalds as I could get to, as well as Barnes & Noble and AT&T stores. Anywhere with an “ATTwifi” worked and I did my best to really rack up those passes. 

Did I Get Any That Were Not from Relays? 

Yes! This was 2016 so finding StreetPasses outside of relays was something that still happened. I’m pretty sure I got one at a large used bookstore that also sold used games and consoles (McKay’s Used Books & CDS for those local to the area) and I also got one at a truck stop. Not too many, but this was back when relays were plentiful so I often turned off my 3DS between stops to save the battery. 

What Non-Gaming Things Were Memorable? 

Besides the wedding (of course!) I really enjoyed visiting Gatlinburg, TN. It was a fun little getaway town that sort of felt like the Las Vegas of TN. I really enjoyed seeing the sites, and I had some pretty great trout at one of the restaurants. We also got to go to an arcade which was a real treat. My only complaint about Gatlinburg was that the StreetPass relay at the McDonald’ wasn’t working. Boo!  

In the end, it was one of my most memorable trips involving video games. I really had a lot of fun and collected a large number of Miis for my Mii Plaza. It’s too bad the relays are long gone. I just hope that someday we’ll see StreetPass return with a future Nintendo system. 

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