How I wish I would like Mario

You know I’m a Nintendo fan right? I think I’ve made that abundantly clear in my blogs here. So, what is the first people think of while thinking of Nintendo? Right: Mario! Well, I have a confession to make..I don’t really like the Mario kind of games. It’s not that I have something against the mustached plumber. I like him and his brother Luigi, he is so sweet to go and rescue the Princess Peach again and again, where other guys would have surely tired of the task already (seriously, can’t that girl stay out of trouble?)

And it’s not that I haven’t tried. My gaming friends can testify to the fact that I really did my best to like his games. I’ve tried playing Super Mario Bros 2 on the 3DS, and even made it through a couple of levels with the help of a good gaming friend. I’ve played some Mario 3D Land and even bought a guide for it. I tried Paper Mario, and liked it, but just couldn’t make it through the levels. See, I did my best and spared no effort. But I just cannot get into the games, and the fact that I’m not very good at it doesn’t help. The only one I stuck to was Mario & Luigi Bowser’s inside story, and I even managed to almost finish it.

It gets worse though: aside from not liking the Mario games, I’m just don’t like platformers. You know, finishing level after level, in most cases with some time pressure. Running, jumping and frantically button mashing (most of you will read this and feel totally different about the experience, I know), it’s just not for me. When one of my gaming buddies heard this he remarked: “that’s just like going to a candy store and not liking candy!”
He was right of course. I really wish it was different, because I know I’m missing out on quite a lot of good quality games. Looking at the new Yoshi game that was presented at the E3-2014, Yoshi’s Woolly World. I almost feel like I really, really should give it another try. It looks so cute and sweet!

Does anyone else have the same problem, of not liking platformer games? And if so, do you know of a cure??


  1. LOL, I don’t play Super Mario Brothers, either. I’m horrible at it and it’s just not for me to play, I admit, but I do like watching someone else play it skilfully and cleverly. The way these “Mario masters” play it reveals a whole lot more of the fun that I would never see if I played it myself XD

  2. Great way to look at it, Miho! I agree, it’s fun seeing others play it, but as my husband isn’t into playing them, there’s not a lot of chance for that either. I do look at the gameplay on YouTube, and I’m always astounded at how people manage the levels. Amazing, I could never ever do that!

  3. Even am not a fan of the Mario games, I like other Nintendo franchises though, whether it be Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, or Fire Emblem. But not the Mario games. They start off very easy and accessible, but every level is more difficult than the previous one, then you will realized that it is punishing and as hardcore than the platformers in other consoles.

    1. Very true! I did give some of them a go, as I wrote, but I found that I just get stuck and can’t progress anymore at a certain point. Plus I’m awful at timed levels, just plain hate them!

  4. Rest assured, you’re not the only one! I could never get into Mario as well, despite trying a couple of times over the years. The last Mario game I played was New Super Mario Bros on the DS, and although I enjoyed it to some extent, it also made me ragequit way too often for my taste.

    Platforming is not my cup of tea either, actually: apart from the Sonic and Kirby series, it’s a genre that I carefully avoid. Although to be honest, I’m kind of glad that the 8-bit era platforming is now being revived through the independant scene; more variety is always welcome in the gaming landscape!

    1. More variety is always good! So, I’m not the only one who just isn’t in to it! Like you, I did try. Played Mario 3DS Land and the title with all the gold coins. Tried others too, like a Boy and his Blob. But it’s just not for me. The first levels are fine, until I get bored. The only Mario titles I tend to like are the Mario and Luigi titles.
      It just seems such a pity, all those exiting games out there that I don’t even want to play!

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