I share my birthday with Tiffany!

A little news snippet caught my attention this morning: the Animal Crossing Birthday Calender 2019 can be downloaded as a reward on My Nintendo!

It’s a reward on your account that you can get for 80 platinum points, so very doable. You can find the link to the calender here. After that, download it to your computer as a PDF format. And then it’s up to you what to use it for. You could even consider printing it and hanging it next to the Switch. Might be a nice reminder of Animal Crossing coming to our favorite hybrid device in 2019!

Who do you share your birthday with?


  1. Hugh! (30 December)
    By the looks of him a pig to, but I don’t know him.
    If your Birthday is on 20 December you hit the ‘Animal Crossing Birthday Share Jackpot’ with Isabelle, Digby and Ruby!

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