Immortalized in Tomodachi Life

Over three years ago Nintendo released a whacky title for the 3DS, Tomodachi Life. It wasn’t their first game that had people scratching behind their ear wondering what the heck they would think of next. Nintendo is good at that, going where you don’t expect them. And ever since the release of the 3DS they often used Mii created by us all to feature the starring role.

The funny thing about Tomodachi Life was that you bring all kind of characters into the apartment building where they live. Most of us chose friends and family to populate the island, with a smattering of celebraties added into the mix. And like a puppet master, you sit back and see them interact, giving a helping hand in feeding and clothing them. My first thoughts on the game back then are here if you want to know more about the game. But now for the reason of writing this blog.

A couple of years prior, in 2012, my father passed away, after a long battle with lung cancer. Me and my parents have always been very close, so it was a blow when he left us for good. I’m sure that all of you who have lost a dear one can relate: after years it’s still so easy to this day to imagine him here with me, feel his touch, hear his voice and feel his love. I guess some things never get any easier.

When Tomodachi Life came out, I felt the need to create his image in this virtual world. This world is always there, the residents go about their business even if I don’t look into them. And my dad could live there for always. For a long time I told no one, not even my mom, as I felt it might be considered strange. But then I came across an article of a fellow blogger (find it here: Walk away from the Sun), who had done exactly the same. I guess I’m not so weird after all.

So I decided to tell you all. Have you done something similar? Recently I looked into how he was doing, and I was relieved that he was well. Playing the Wii with his friends in the apartment, and generally enjoying virtual life.  At least there’s one place where he is still having fun!


  1. I really enjoyed this read. I can totally relate to it as well – my grandfather passed away two years ago, and I made him a character in Tomodachi Life (as well as my grandma). They ended up getting married which was super cool, and every once in a while I still open up the game periodically and see how he’s doing. It’s actually really nice to have that ability. In a way that only a gamer would understand, it’s the only way I can interact with him, so it’s really special to me.

    1. Thank you! Guess more of us gamers had the same idea and it’s not weird after all. So great that your virtual grandfather married your grandma! I can totally understand how pleased you must have been. You’re right, I guess only us gamers can understand!

  2. Aww, I was so happy to read this post! I remember when I wrote the post for when my grandfather passed away in January, and you told me you had done the same thing for your father. It’s a very sweet way to immortalize our loved ones! It still hurts knowing that they are gone, but doing something like this makes it a little easier to bear.

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